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AliExpress by is a B2B wholesale platform designed for small to medium traders. This is a part of Limited listed in Hong Kong. is the largest online trading platform for small B2B wholesale marketplace. Incidentally, group includes China Yahoo. AliExpress was launched on April, 2010. The website offers 41 categories ranging from agricultural products to tools and also includes some service offering. Recently, Aliexpress has launched a new logistic and shipping service through The site is particularly useful for cheap but feature reach mobile, computers, and electronic gadgets. It also gives some very good fashionable jewelleries, dresses and fashion apparels at a very affordable price. Though officially it is meant for B2B traders, as it allows very low quantity sometimes even a single piece, it can be used by retail customers as well. Even the testimonials in the site are more from retail customers than wholesale traders.

There are a number of unique positive features and services with AliExpress. Some of the prominent ones are as following:

Wide range of products and categories not offered by any competitors

Genuine third party escrow service for buyer protection

Newly launched unique logistics and shipment solution through

Good easy to use interface, intelligent software

Backed by a big group cash reach and hence sustainable

Availability of supplier metrics and public forum like

Trend shows constant improvement and launching of newer services since inception
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