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GameFly - Online Video Game Rentals
Gamefly is a company devoted to gamers, allowing customers the option to both buy and rent games. Gamefly has over 8,000 games available on platforms such as:

Xbox 360 (including Kinect Games)

Playstation 3

PS Vita

Wii U




Gamefly has the most up-to-date collection of games while also giving customers the option to pre-order upcoming games.

Renting games is what has made Gamefly so popular. The monthly service allows gamers to rent up to two games at a time (depending on the monthly service package selected), without the risk of due dates and late fees. Gamefly also has a unique "keep" feature, which allows the gamer to purchase the games they rent. Gamers can also play any PC games from Gamefly's growing collection as much as they want for free as long as they are Gamefly members.

Unable to find a store to rent video games, Sean Spector and Jung Suh became very frustrated. In 2002, they partnered with Toby Lenk and started Gamefly. The company grew rapidly and has since become the largest video game rental service in the United States. They have over 334,000 subscribers and a growing library of over 8,000 games. Sean Spector is still a large part of the Gamefly company as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Content.

Gamefly has grown to offer games that can be rented or purchased as well as a wealth of information on the video gaming industry and community.
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