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Choosing a Web hosting provider is always difficult. With so many companies offering shared Web hosting, people often get confused and choose either GoDaddy because it's so famous, or the cheapest provider they can find. Usually, this ends in a disaster because very cheap hosting is usually unreliable and GoDaddy is only suitable for some users. is a Danish hosting provider that makes the choice easy. All you need to do is decide how much disk space you want - the rest is included. Even if you choose the cheapest hosting plan that costs only $1.45 per month, you will get the following features:

unlimited traffic to your domain

email that also includes Webmail

antivirus and spam filter

DNS management

Website builder

Blog builder


On top of that, you get access to the Cloud Drive, which is excellent for storing your files online and backing up your computer and website.

The main thing that makes different is its ease of use. Web hosting accounts can be very difficult to set up and use. addressed this issue and made everything as intuitive as possible. The hosting account requires minimal interaction from the user and all important tasks like backups are automated. This makes a great choice for beginners who are creating their first ever website.

Another great advantage of hosting is the price. The company managed to maintain extremely low prices since the day it was founded back in 2002. Most Web hosting companies charge around $5 per month for their most basic hosting plan, whereas charges only $1.45.

Another strong point of is their support. They are offering 24/7 support by email and chat. Chat support is very quick and a live agent replies within seconds.

Other advantages of are:

15-day money back guarantee

full compatibility with mobile devices running iOS and Android

easy to set up photo galleries

comprehensive stats tool

Google AdWords coupon when you sign up
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