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What is it?

A VoIP phone service for small and growing businesses.

How popular is it? is a small business with 50 to 100 employees.

What does it do well? gets you up and running quickly. It’s easy to scale from a single phone line with basic functions to a more advanced system with multiple users. It’s also great for international calling.

What does it not do well?

Customer support as not as strong as Nextiva’s, and the user interface is not as easy as RingCentral’s.

Who does it work well for?

Small businesses and self employed who want a service that can scale with them. You can start with a basic pay-per-minute plan that uses your mobile phone and move onto an unlimited plan with handset for a traditional office setup.

Who does it not work well for?

Larger businesses who want to integrate their VoIP with their CRM or other business software. can link with some CRMs through Callinize (a 3rd party integration service) but this requires an extra charge.

Free calls to US and Canada?

Yes, if you sign up for an unlimited plan. Otherwise it’s 3.9 cents per minute. There’s also free calling to landlines in Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom.

Pay-per-minute plan?

Yes, there’s pay-per-minute and unlimited plans.

Can you use your current phone number(s)?


Does it support toll free?


Free Trial?

Yes, 30 day free trial

Cost Compared to Competitors?


Similar products?

Nextiva, RingCentral

Cloud or Hosted?


Does it require special phones?

Yes. You can use most internet enabled phones from brands such as Aastra, Cisco, Panasonic or Polycom. (Click here for a list of supported devices) You can also use a regular non-digital phone if you pair it with an ATA adapter (you can get 1 free when you sign up.)

Alternatively, you can use the iOS or Android mobile app, or’s desktop phone software and not deal with any hardware setup whatsoever. The mobile apps are free, but the software costs an additional $5/month.
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