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Adagio Teas
Adagio Teas offers a variety of different hand-crafted artisan teas cultivated from around the world. They also carry a variety of flavors including signature blends that use very different tea combinations to tantalize the taste buds. The different types of loose leaf tea they offer include:









Masters Teas



Adagio Teas also has a selection of teabags called wrapped tea, as well as a variety of different teaware including glassware, asian teaware, glass and electric kettles, small and large teamakers, and tea accessories. All of their products can be purchased via their website or their three retail stores, which are located in Chicago, Skokie and Naperville, Illinois.

The Adagio Teas website is also a wealth of information about tea and tea history. The site was designed for those who are new to the tea world, but are interested in learning more. Adagio Teas also provides links to other informational tea sites for easy access to more in depth information.

Adagio Teas was founded in 1999 by Michael Cramer along with his mother and brother in Clifton, New Jersey. An investment banker by trade, Cramer wanted to bring hand-crafted artisan teas to average people, people who knew nothing about teas. The company's mission statement states:

"Our goal is simple, deliver the best quality gourmet tea from around the world, straight to your cup."

Adagio Teas is concerned about the environment, and the company is taking part in a carbon offset program to help lower their carbon footprint. The project is the Garcia River Forestry Project, a conservation-based forest management program in Southwestern Mendicino County in California.

There is also a special section of the Adagio Teas website, called the Roots Campaign. This page introduces the consumer to the farmers that grow and cultivate the teas they purchase giving a more personal feel to the shopping experience.
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