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Armor Concepts
Creating Safer Communities for 12 Years... One Door At A Time

In 2004 we were renovating properties when thieves kept kicking in our doors. They would steal our tools, appliances, pipes and anything else they could take. It cost us a fortune. Better locks and home alarm systems did nothing to stop the home burglaries from happening. Out of necessity, we created an effective solution to keep people out of our homes. We never intended to sell anything. However, once we realized how unsafe our own families were, we set out to so something about it.Fast forward 12 years and Armor Concepts has secured more than 225,000 doors across the US and Canada. We have won countless awards and have been featured by every major news outlet. We do not claim to be experts on everything. We are simply the undisputed experts on door security, multi-family and vacant property security.At Armor Concepts your security is our only business. We are dedicated to protecting you, your family, property and belongings. We provide simple and practical security solutions to help you protect your home or investment property. Door Armor comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and have a 90 day return policy. You can't afford false security and nothing you purchase from us will ever cost more than it saves you.
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