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Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy Bio

Brian Tracy is an author, marketer, and respected authority in the self improvement industry. He has written many bestselling books, worked with famous company Nightingale Conant, and is a speaker that has addressed millions of people. His combined experience in business, philosophy, and psychology gives him a unique knowledge that enables him to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Brian Tracy Detailed Overview

There are hundreds of books, courses, seminars, and audios on all different Internet marketing strategies from email, SEO, PPC, to web 2.0. However, there are very few people that talk about what it actually takes to succeed in business whether it be direct marketing, sales, Internet based, or retail.

In fact, most entrepreneurs and professionals fail because of a poor mindset, bad habits, lack of focus, and lack of desire. Brian Tracy has spend decades studying what it takes to truly succeed in any area of people’s lives and has helped thousands of people learn the strategies to achieve what they set out to do.

One of Brian’s best selling courses is called the Psychology of Achievement. It is one of the best selling courses published by Nightingale-Conant and is recognized as a classic in the field of personal development. In it, you’ll learn how to increase your productivity, increase your memory, sharpen your focus, break bad habits, and focus on the positive.

The course has received thousands of positive reviews from customers. Many have stated that the book has helped them get the success the desired in their field or increased their productivity/effectiveness in their work. It continues to empower those who want

Amongst psychology, Brian has also taught other subjects such as goal setting, relationship building, planning, communication, public speaking, time management, and wealth building. What separates Brian from many other teachers in the personal development industry is that he primarily focuses on helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Brian has recently opened a online learning site called the Brian Tracy University. Students will learn how to increase sales, manage their business, increase productivity, learn to sell, learn strategic planning, work with customers, and more. The site is for people who are in sales, professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as those who have an interest in starting their own business. You can choose to take a course based on your needs whether it be for leadership, time management, or business growth.
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