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InMotion Hosting, Inc - Your Complete Hosting Solution
I switched to InMotion Hosting because my prior hosting service had many technical problems and if I tried to call them I would be on hold waiting literally for hours. I use my computer extensively for business, but am not a computer expert. I needed to not only change hosting services but also migrate all of my emails from the prior host. This may seem simple, but for me it was not. I needed to contact the technical support people many times to have them walk me through the process. I was never on hold for more than a couple of minutes.

During that process I mistakenly changed the Named Server to InMotion before downloading my emails from my prior host. I called for help and was told that I would need to undo everything I had already done. Not a pleasant thought, but it appeared that there was no other choice. However, within 5 minutes of getting off that call, the InMotion technical support person who I had been working with called me back (yes, he actually called me back) to say that he had given it more thought and had an idea for a much simpler and straightforward solution. He held my hand and took me step by step through the process and it worked.

All the people at InMotion come across as being very knowledgeable, considerate and very professional. They all did an amazing job with phenomenal attitudes. But, the initiative taken by figuring out a solution and then actually calling me back certainly speaks highly of their motivation and character and sets them apart from others.

I at the age where I look back and wonder what happened to good customer service. Dealing with InMotion was like going back in time to when people went out of their way to be helpful. I highly recommend InMotion.
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