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PoshTots is an online store and a catalog company that offers an amazing selection of baby and children's furnishings, clothes and gear. PoshTots has a gift registry for expecting parents.

PoshTots was founded in 2000 and was incorporated in 2009. PoshTots' parent company is Poshbrands, LLC and it is run by the CEO, Ms. Andrea Edmunds. PoshTots offers paper catalogs upon request plus has an excellent online store.

Some customer reviews were:

I think ultimately when you shop at this site, you should expect top-notch everything. I mean, if you sell a $45k need to back it up with top-notch everything. Products, customer service, user experience....soup to nuts.

excellent, thats a dream come true

I placed an order for my baby's bedding. The bedding is pretty unique and beautiful. I was really happy with it overall. However, for some items, it is totally overpriced (e.g. the mobile). Be ready to pay about $1000 bucks for a set but they are great at offering you multiple discounts if they have them available which is great. I had a pretty good savings. I was really disappointed with the quality of the mobile contraption itself, it was plastic and SO NOT WORTH the $200 price tag. Pottery Barn kids has way better quality mobiles than this. Regardless, their customer service so far has been great, very responsive and as mentioned, the room will look absolutely beautiful with any of their products.
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