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Netfirms - Web Hosting for Small Business
Founded in 1998, is one of the longest surviving companies in the web hosting market. It is no wonder that they are also regarded as one of the leaders, especially when it comes to small business web hosting. There are a number of really standout tools and features provided with every plan, such as an unlimited amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. This alone should make it worthy of your consideration, but there are a lot of additional features designed to help your business achieve success online.

Hosting Plans:

Even the most basic plan (called their Plus Plan) has a number of features which will be of considerable value to anyone interested in setting up their own personal or small business site. For starters, you will receive a free domain name and have an unlimited amount of disk storage space (for your site files) and bandwidth (for the traffic you will send to your site). It also comes with a free drag and drop site builder, which makes building your web presence a piece of cake! Since you will obviously need to market your site, Net Firms also provides some free marketing credits to places like Google Adwords, Facebook and even Yahoo and Bing search engine marketing.

There are several additional plans which you can choose from. These include an additional number (either 2 or 5) of free domains, MySQL databases and other advanced features. This can be a great help to someone who already knows that they will need additional services for their site. The top of the line plan also includes premium customer support and a dedicated SSL certificate, which can be very helpful for those sites engaged in e-commerce sales online.

Pricing Concerns:

Even the most basic hosting option from Net Firms is an excellent value for your money. Many other providers do not even offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth until you move up to their top end solution. Yet, here you have this immediately. Not to mention that you can get all of these features for as low as $3.49 per month (with a three year billing option). In fact, each hosting option offered is all-inclusive and everything you will need to get started is right there for you. You will also be prompted to decide upon certain extras, like private domain registration.

Customer Support:

Each plan comes with a tremendous amount of customer support. You will find that the support staff is easy to reach, knowledgeable and fully capable of handling any issue you might have. To begin with, you will have access to 24/7 email, live chat and telephone support. Subscribers to the top level plan also receive premium support, meaning a special phone line and expedited service. Additionally, this office is staffed only be specially trained, North American (English speaking) agents. There are also frequently asked questions and video tutorials available on the site.


One of the most important questions you need to answer about your web host is whether they offer a reliable service. With NetFirms, you know that since they have been around for such a long time, they must be doing something right! Their 1.2 million current websites are a testament in themselves to reliability. However, you also receive a 99.9% up time guarantee and additional features. There are password protected directories available, .htaccess and even shared and dedicated SSL certificates. The Net Firms team manages their network around the clock, ensuring that load balancing and other technical factors are all kept at the proper levels.

Ease of Use:

These hosting plans provide access to a web based control and administration panel, which means that you can access your account from anywhere. This system is very easy to use, allowing you to do any function you wish. Whether you want to upload (or delete) a file, make some changes or tweaks to your page(s), or examine the logs to make marketing decisions (or to see what your visitors do on the site), this is all simple and easy.
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Lunarpages Web Hosting
Lunarpages is one of the oldest web hosts in existence.

Starting from humble beginnings in a garage in California (isn’t that how this story always goes?!) in 1998, to growing a customer base of over 150,000 people, including clients such as Microsoft, BlackBerry, Cisco, Sony, Caesar’s Entertainment, and more.

They were founded by Maximillian Andersen and Ron Riddle, a Harley Davidson-riding former brick mason (yes, you read that right).

Today, Lunarpages has data centers in California, Arizona and Nevada.

A quick glance at that illustrious client list gives you the impression they know what they’re doing. So, do they?

To find out, we set up a basic WordPress website on the Lunarpages ‘Starter Web Hosting Plan’ in June 2015. Since then, we’ve been analyzing performance like uptime & speed (click “History” to see the data for yourself).

Here’s what we found.

PROS (+) of using LunarPages Hosting

Lunarpages has a few great things going for it. Speed, for one. Nightly backups too. Here’s a snapshot.

#1 30.6% Faster Page Loads than Competition

Lunarpages came out of the gate with average page loading times of 590ms, about 30.6% faster than the average 850ms we’ve seen.

That’s important, because speed also had a huge bearing on other factors like where you rank in search engines and the number of people converting on your site (in addition to the obvious user experience).

Your site is almost finished.

You just need that one extra plugin to power that special functionality you’re lacking.

Problem is, it doesn’t play well with others. The minute you hit ‘install’, the screen goes white. And… nothing.

This is an all-too-familiar occurrence for most site owners, as different third-party tools (like plugins) don’t play well together.

The good news, is that Lunarpages will run automated nightly backups of your server. Their Premium Restore Service will also restore files for you — on a priority basis — and at no cost.

#3 No Pricing Games on ‘Starter’ Plan

Many web hosts will play this game of offering a low monthly rate on their website, only to reveal the real terms of that pricing in the final checkout process.

Often, you’ll have to purchase three years, upfront all at once if you’d like to lock that low pricing in. And many times, upon plan renewal, your pricing will jump back up to the ‘normal’ rate (which can sometimes be 2x the price!).

While Lunarpages doesn’t offer a true month-to-month plan (which is kinda a bummer), their Starter ‘monthly’ pricing is the same for 12 months as it is for 24 months.

#4 Free Domain Name & Site Migration

Some of Lunarpages’ plans come with a free domain name registration (that needs to be redeemed within 30 days of signup). Please note that like other hosts, this only covers the first year of the domain name (and any renewals will come out of your pocket).

And if your existing website is currently being hosted somewhere else, Lunarpages will help you transfer it to their servers for free.

#5 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Lunarpages’ plans are also backed by a standard 30-day money back guarantee.

CONS (-) of using LunarPages Hosting

Lunarpages provided great page loading times. They also threw in a few helpful features.

Unfortunately, though, there are some grievances we can’t overlook. Here are the grim details.

#1 Uptime is Below Average

After first signing up, Lunarpages delivered respectable uptime stats. However in the last few months especially, that performance has slipped to below average (clocking in at only 99.89% instead of the industry average 99.99%).

Sure, speed is important. But only if the website is UP and available for visitors in the first place!

#2 Slow, Limited Support Options

Almost every other host we’ve reviewed provides a HUGE variety of ways to get in touch with them for fast customer support.

Almost every single one offers live chat for instance, so you can reach out and get in touch ASAP if there’s a problem.

After all, responding to issues quickly and efficiently to keep your site up-and-running is an integral part of what you’re paying them for.

Lunarpages has live chat… but it’s only available for sales – not customer support. The only way we could reach out to them was through their archaic ticketing system.

Their ticketing responses were great, but it took 12 hours to hear back from them!

That’s a LONG time on the internet, and if a website was down and not making money during that entire 12-hour window, it could have serious ramifications for many businesses.
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Corel Corporation
In 1989, Corel introduced CorelDraw as the "first graphics software for the Windows platform," according to the Corel website. These days, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 is brimming with ingenious features and tools designed exclusively for delivering quality results in the graphics industry. Designers around the globe continue to benefit from Corel's continuous drive to be the best graphic design software, as they offer new technology, including mobile applications and 3D technology, and standout features, such as vector illustration, raster effects and layout.

Corel's mantra, "If you can dream it, you can design it," has definitely served it well, as it caters to the hundreds of millions who use their graphic design software. This product incorporates the best that this design software company has to offer into a powerful graphics suite. The X7 suite embraces interactive design tools that will enable you to pump out professional results in the following design areas:

Although you must open each of these applications separately to access their individual tools, all include similar elements that build upon one another. For example, if you are using CorelDraw but need to edit an image, you can use Corel Photo-Paint. Once you have tweaked your images in this application, you can drag it over to CorelDraw without having to save and reopen the image.

Ease of Use

Corel has successfully created an application for the masses, while still providing industry standard solutions powerful enough for professional graphic designers. While testing this software, we felt somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of information on each of the applications. A beginner view simplifies the interface for newcomers to design, but we were almost obligated to read (or scroll through, at least) the hundreds and hundreds of pages in the user manual provided by Corel before we could do anything advanced in any of the Corel applications.

Yes, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 is a bit difficult to use if you have never used design software before, but honestly, all of the best graphic design software packages have a vast number of tools, which is actually a good thing. You won't be overwhelmed forever. You will read the manuals, you will watch the video tutorials, you will visit community forums. You will become an expert soon enough.

Illustration Tools

Included in the CorelDraw Graphics Suite is Photo-Paint X7. This raster-based application is an excellent solution for editing photos. Industry standard tools, such as layers and color management, as well as a full menu of filters and effects, ensure quality editing and retouching. The Smart Carver tool, for example, allows you to remove unwanted elements from any photo, and the application will automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the edited photo. There are also a number of other notable tools and features, including:

Corel has expanded Photo-Paint's digital content library to bring you more fonts, customizable templates, artistic media, clipart and bitmap images and full-color fills.

Photo & Image Editing

When you first open this graphic design software to create a new document, a window will appear asking you what kind of document you would like to create. You can choose the typical page size, 8.5 x 11 inches, or choose from a list of options, including letter, tabloid, envelope, broadsheet, web page, web banner and more. You can also set your own custom dimensions if you'd like.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing document that appeals to your audience can be a difficult chore if you do not have the correct tools available. This graphic design software has innumerable tools and features for you to use to create an eye-popping graphic layout, but it is missing some of the basic elements, including initial setup options. We are disappointed in the lack of column setup. Other graphic design applications allow you to choose a layout with two, three, four (or more) columns, ideal for newspapers and magazines.

Page layout is an essential component for graphic design software. And, as we discussed above, this application allows you to format text according to your layout preferences: magazine, newspaper, newsletter, etc. CorelDraw graphic design software will allow you to import text sources from most major document formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel. You can make the textual elements on your page come to life with images, and you can easily and gracefully wrap text around any object or shape.

If you are creating a multi-page publication, there is no other feature that you will come to appreciate more than Master Pages. Many newspapers and trade publications feature page numbers, graphics, copyright information and other information on each page. Instead of inserting this information repeatedly, you can place your desired information on your master page, which is actually a virtual page and it will not be printed. The application will then apply the information from the master to every page, saving you time (and a headache).

Because CorelDraw specializes in creating page layouts and vector illustration, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the following:

A large library of templates set to industry specs and laid out by trained graphic designers is available for you to use. We love the idea of templates because they will help you achieve the results that you crave and allow you the freedom to exercise your creativity, while still helping you learn the ins and outs of the design software.

While testing the CorelDraw graphics software, we discovered a few features that quickly became our favorites, as they really let our creativity run wild.

Smart Fill tool –You can create shapes with the object tool and then use the Smart Fill tool to create stunning or funky designs great for print and advertising. And if you create shapes that overlap – a rectangle, a circle and a triangle, for example – each intersecting section can be a different color or pattern.

Eyedropper tool – How can you capture those jaw-dropping colors seen in nature, fashion and more? With the Eyedropper tool, you simply hover over any color in a photo, image or object. The eyedropper will appear to fill up on the sampled color, and you can see the RGB color modes for this color. You can also apply this technique to any photo.

Artistic Media tool – Probably our favorite of the favorites, the Artistic Media tool features several of its own tools, including the brush, calligraphy, splatter, symbol, texture, sprayer, pen and pressure. Let's take the brush, for example. With one stroke from your mouse, you have added an artistic detail to any page you are working on. You don't need to be a seasoned artist to create great additions, such as complex lines and patterns.

CorelDraw offers a very clean and usable interface. All the standard tools are available to let you create sleek, smooth and colorful graphics, including logos, cartoons and interface designs. Plus, this application features an alignment guide that will help you position objects quickly and efficiently. CorelDraw also offers raster-based effects without requiring that you open a separate raster-based application.

Help & Support

If you are using CorelDraw for the first time, you can choose to have the Learning Tools window become the default Welcome screen. This way, you can jump right into the support section each time you launch the application.

CorelDraw, like many of the best graphic design software applications, has an overwhelming amount of features in its arsenal – so many, in fact, that it takes hundreds of pages in the user guide just to explain them all. And remember, this is just one of the applications you have access to in the CorelDraw Design Suite X7. You can access the Learning Center and detailed user guides online at Here, you will find online tutorials, live training, webinars, tips and tricks.
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Lexington Law by Progrexion - Credit Repair to Help Fix Credit Scores | Lexington Law
Who is Lexington Law Firm?

Lexington Law is the nation’s largest law firm that specializes in helping consumers repair their bad credit. They know the laws which govern credit reporting and they use that knowledge to help consumers improve their credit scores as much as possible.

Lexington’s team of lawyers, paralegals, and financial experts know everything there is to know about how to help you improve your credit score, so that you don’t have to be bound by bad credit. They have been helping consumers escape the woes of bad credit for 25 years and they have helped remove millions of negative items from people’s credit reports. Since 1991, Lexington Law has provided expert credit repair services and experienced support to hundreds of thousands of people.

Lexington Law's location in Utah.

What can they do for you?

Lexington Law assists their clients by pursuing creditors to make sure the items reported on their credit reports are accurate. Companies that grant credit to consumers make mistakes all the time – and Lexington seeks out those mistakes and demands they are removed from their client’s credit report. Lexington is relentless in this endeavor as they comb through their client’s credit reports. All it takes is a single stroke of a pen or click of a mouse for credit companies to damage consumer’s credit scores for up to seven years. A good advocate law firm places the burden of proof back where it belongs – on the creditors and credit bureaus. It’s simple – if a creditor cannot prove you owe them money, the negative item must be removed from your credit report. Generally, the more negative items removed from your credit report, the more your credit score will improve.

They helped me out BIG TIME

A couple years ago, I lost my job and was going through a really rough time. Everything in my life just came crumbling down on me at once. It was a very stressful time. I was desperate and broke. I simply couldn’t pay my bills anymore. It was very embarrassing for me. My tiny emergency funds was depleted after a couple months. Eventually, I decided that bankruptcy was my best option for moving forward.

I was finally relieved of all my debt, but the financial problems didn’t stop there. My credit was so horrible that I couldn’t qualify for any type of loan. Again, very embarrassing for me. One day I just decided I wasn’t going to live like that anymore. I eventually got a new job, changed my spending habits, and promised myself I would no longer live paycheck to paycheck. I had saved up a much bigger emergency fund in case anything like that ever happened again.

I spent hours and hours, night after night trying to find a solution to my credit problems. I didn’t want to wait 10 years before being able to get a loan. I knew there had to be a way around it. I eventually turned to a friend of mine who told me about Lexington Law. I was very skeptical, but I did some research and read some reviews. I also trust my friend’s recommendation, so I give them a call at 800-220-0084 and spoke to a credit expert who was very friendly and understanding of my situation. I started to believe that maybe this was real and I didn’t have much to lose, so I signed up.

After signing up, all you can really do is wait. It seemed like forever, but after about 3 weeks, I started receiving letters in the mail from the credit bureaus saying that the negative items on my account have been deleted! I was shocked! So, I checked my credit score again to see if it made a difference and was once again shocked that all 3 scores had gone up about 20-25 points! Over the next few months, I kept receiving letters and my credit scores kept going up. Talk about the best feeling in the world!

I cannot say enough about how much they helped me out. I would never have been able to get out of my financial situation without their help. I wouldn’t have known where to start. It was great to have a team of professionals stepping up to the plate and going to bat for me. Now, whenever I hear a friend is trying to improve their credit score, I suggest they give Lexington Law a call.
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1&1 Internet Inc.
“Since the early 2000s, 1&1 has grown to become a trusted host for millions of website-owning customers. A reputable leader in web hosting, they offer shared, dedicated, and virtual servers, as well as resources for website building and eCommerce.

Interview with Javier Salcedo, Head of Product Owner Server

The latest news, however, surrounds the release of the new 1&1 Cloud Server, which we got to discuss with 1&1's Head of Product Owner Server, Javier Salcedo.

Introducing the New, Dynamic 1&1 Cloud Server

1&1 recently launched their dynamic 1&1 Cloud Server, to add to their breadth of offerings. Javier debriefed us on the need for this product, and 1&1's ambitions in designing it.

Only Pay for What You Need with Custom Configurations

"We want to deliver all the capabilities you would expect, then make it very easy to use," Javier said. "Trying to combine the two is a real challenge, but that's where we want to be." With custom configurations, 1&1 allows cloud users to select settings for CPU, RAM, and disk independently of one another, and customers only pay for what they can control.

All-SSD SAN Storage for Power, Speed, & Performance

Combining forces with Solidfire, 1&1 opted to only offer SSD storage for their cloud solution. Their SSD hosting for cloud features 11x compression ratios and a price-for-performance rate that's left customers very satisfied, according to Javier. "The results of an external benchmark executed by Cloud Spectator with an external company have been extremely good," he said, "and there have been wonderful reactions from customers regarding no limits on storage."

1&1 Offers All the Hosting Essentials to Get You Going

All 1&1 hosting plans come with a free domain name registration and all the setup options you need to launch a site quickly and easily. In addition to their shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting, they have free site building tools available, both for mobile and desktop.

Unlimited Domains, Databases, Emails, & Apps

1&1 users can get up to unlimited storage, domains, and email accounts, and 1&1 offers a broad variety of packages to meet your hosting needs within your financial means. Their 1&1 App Center features over 140 Click-and-Build Apps to help you customize the perfect web experience for you.

Preinstalled App Templates & WordPress-Friendly Hosting

1&1 streamlines your site launch by offering easy installations of popular web applications. At checkout, you can include preinstalled app templates for WordPress, Drupal, or Magento, and they even offer WordPress-specific hosting packages.

1&1 MyWebsite: Build a Customizable Site from Scratch

In addition to the free site building tools for desktop and mobile, 1&1 offers plans specific to website building: 1&1 MyWebsite. These packages feature drag-and-drop site building, with professional-looking templates and mobile optimization available.

Get Your Brand Out There: SEO, Marketing, & eCommerce

When it comes to marketing your site — gaining visibility in search results and exposure to your target audience — 1&1 pulls out all the stops.

Custom Tools for Gaining Exposure & Tracking Site Statistics

To start your site's marketing, 1&1 offers $50-worth of credits towards paid advertising with Bing and Yahoo! Then, their SEO Assistant tool helps you boost search engine rankings and their SiteAnalytics tool is there to help you track your site's success.

Resources for eCommerce & Building an Online Store

Building an online store with 1&1's eCommerce website builder is just as easy as building a website or blog with 1&1. Four plans are available for online retailers to build websites equipped to present up to thousands of products. Stores can be available on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Customers should take advantage of 1&1's cross-selling opportunities, options to translate stores into multiple languages, and optimization tools. With 1&1, you can use major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to broaden your customer base, or make your store available on Facebook. Then, using 1&1's SEO Dashboard, you can improve your online store's positioning in search results, ensuring that buyers find your online shop easily.

Finally, Rest Easy with 1&1 Security, Reliability, & Support

Web hosting customers are alotted unlimited webspace, unlimited site traffic, and incredible uptime rates and reliability.

DDoS Protection, SiteLock Scanning, & New CDN

1&1 offers proactive protection against DDoS threats, with SiteLock malware scanning available for added security as well. Their new CDN ensures the latest protection features for your site, and you can upgrade to 1&1 CDN Plus, with HTTPS support and mobile browsing optimization.

Geo-Redundant Datacenters & 24/7 Support

With the most advanced technology supporting their seven datacenters, 1&1 prides itself on its leading-edge, geo-redundant servers. They offer 24/7 customer support and a Webspace Recovery feature, so help is always available, should catastrophe strike.

Last Words on 1&1 Cloud Server & 1&1's Hosting Solutions

It's no secret that 1&1 is a leading name in web hosting, but after speaking with Javier and getting to know the new 1&1 Cloud Server, we can see how they rose to fame.

1&1 has built their business putting the needs and expectations of customers first. Whether it's a click-and-build online store or a powerful cloud solution with tons of customizable configuration and payment options, 1&1 anticipates customer desires and strives to meet and exceed expectations.”

Free domain, with up to unlimited domains, emails, and storageDrag-and-drop site builder and 1&1 Click-and-Build Apps availableEasily create an online store and gain exposure with $50-worth of ad creditsWide variety of packages catering to businesses, personal use, and more1&1's custom SEO and marketing tools quickly gain visibility for your site
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Omnis Network
Omnis Network has been around for quite some time, since 1999 to be exact. They claim to have served more than 400,000 domain names and customers (wouldn’t these be two different figures since one customer could have 50 domains?) Anyway, they are not the largest website hosting company by any means, nor the smallest.

When founded in 1999, the company was headed by a group of people familiar with the industry who wanted to provide affordable web hosting and domain registration services. That’s how they started out, although today they sell dedicated servers and VPS plans, as well as shared hosting packages.

Omnis Headquarter

Omnis has its headquarters in Torrance, California, USA, where the technical support department and administrative staff is located. Their datacenter is located at One Wilshire (“the most connected building in the world”) in Los Angeles, CA, as are many of the other California-based web hosting providers.

When it comes to customer service, you can rest assured that Omnis Network will do its best to satisfy you. Since 1999, they have been enrolled in the Better Business Bureau’s Online Reliability Program and have maintained a perfect rating based on excellent customer service standards.

Omnis is also highly awarded by other organizations. They received numerous awards, mostly from 2006 to 2009, such as “Top Affordable Hosting”, “Best Support” and “#1 Budget Hosting”. I couldn’t find anything more recent than a few years ago, however.

As far as an online presence, Omnis Network misses the mark. Their corporate blog is slowly dying, with only five posts last year and none so far in 2013. Their Facebook page is used mostly for the occasional update (and I do mean occasional; there were only 14 updates in all of 2012 and two so far this year). Their Twitter posts mirror Facebook updates and blog posts. A couple years ago they uploaded some rather informative videos on YouTube but nothing new has been posted since then. A dying online presence often indicates a dying company…

Omnis Web Hosting Services

Omnis offers two shared hosting packages: Linux Cloud Hosting for $5.95/month and Windows Cloud Hosting accounts for $7.95/month. How can you decide which one is best for you? If you want to use PHP and Perl scripting for dynamic web design, the Linux account is a better choice. If you prefer using ASP or .NET applications, then go with the Windows-based hosting account.

Outside of these differences, all cloud hosting packages from Omnis include the following:

Free domain name

Unmetered disk space and data transfer

Unlimited domains, domain aliases and subdomains

Shared SSL certificate

Search engine advertising credits

Unlimited email mailboxes (POP3 or IMAP4) and forwarding aliases

Webmail via Roundcube, Horde or Squirrelmail

Multiple FTP user accounts (Linux only)

PHP, Zend Optimizer, Guard & Ioncube Loader, Python, Ruby scripting

40+ CMS, including the most popular, such as WordPress

Unlimited MySQL databases

Dynamic HTML, Javascript and AJAX file support

There are several features available as add-ons, for an extra charge. These include a dedicated IP address, a private SSL certificate and a Pro or Ecommerce site builder (the free site builder only allows for a three-page website). If this is your first website building experience, you may want to find one of the other hosting companies that offers a full site builder for free.

Although Omnis advertises their packages include unlimited space, the limit is actually 1.7TB. That’s a lot of space – but a limit of 46,000 files contradicts this ample storage.

On the bright side, one user reported no problems at all making five simultaneous FTP transfers. If you prefer to use this form of transferring files over the control panel module, it will be quick.

What Kind of Control Panel Does Omnis Offer?

It seems that the industry standard – at least as of today – for control panels is the ever popular cPanel. Unfortunately, Omnis does not provide this. Instead, they provide a proprietary control panel they refer to as “Account Manager”. The layout is nice and clean, but there don’t seem to be as many management tools as you would find in cPanel or Plesk.

Since you will no doubt be spending a lot of time on the backend of your website, the control panel is important. If you don’t like learning new systems or have your heart set on using cPanel, then Omnis Network may not be the best fit for your needs.

Infrastructure: Datacenter and Servers

Like many American website hosting companies, Omnis uses the One Wilshire building in Los Angeles, California for their network connections. Also known as “the most connected building in the world” (or the west coast, depending on who’s making the claim), One Wilshire is where Tier-1 fiber optic network providers deliver connectivity to hundreds of companies.

Along with their administrative offices, Omnis Network’s data center is located in Torrance, California. Omnis uses Cisco for its network hardware. They also provide an SSD (Solid State Drive) RAID array using dual processor, quad core, hyper threaded Intel Xeon processors to provide optimum speed. Omnis refers to this as their “MySQL SSD RAID” for “ultra velocity”.

An Uptime Guarantee – or Not?

Does all that speed in the network make Omnis Network’s uptime better than other companies? They guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime to their customers, which is available if a website is down for 44 minutes or more, cumulatively, in any given month.

While this guarantee should be reassuring, it’s difficult to figure out how you might go about cashing in on it. The company’s website and Terms of Service say nothing about the specifics, not even whether you can expect to receive a refund or a credit to your account.

I did find a recent statistic that indicates the average uptime of Omnis over the past 8 years is 99.98 percent with a low of 99.58 percent and a high of 100 percent. That’s considered excellent. Maybe no one needs to ask them to make good on their uptime guarantee?

Customer Service

Options for support from Omnis are pretty standard: phone, live chat and email. These options are provided 24/7 and their support specialists are all based in the company’s Torrance, California headquarters. They also provide a Knowledgebase and library of video tutorials online.

From a review of online user comments, Omnis tech support reps get overall high marks for their quick, attentive and knowledgeable help. Many customers also rave about the speed and uptime of their sites and the company’s willingness to work with site owners experiencing big spikes in traffic that could cause them to go over bandwidth limits. Sure, there’s a few negative reviews of this website hosting company out there, but the positive ones far outnumber them.
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IX Web Hosting
In 1999 IX Web Hosting began hosting customers on a server in someone's living room, and since then have grown into a company with over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 sites.

At IX we decided that we wanted to provide the best and most exceptional customer support in the industry. When you sign up with IX Web Hosting, we assign you your own support agent that you can contact directly with any questions or issues you might have.

Every webhost offers a 30-day money back guarantee and many also offer an anytime money back guarantee, but who offers completely free hosting? We do. For a full week, you can kick the tires, take her out for a spin, and see how she handles in the straights - for no charge. Seriously. We won't charge your card until after the 7 day trial period, and if you cancel before it's up - you will never be billed. No fighting for refunds, no fine print.
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IPOWER Web Hosting launched their web hosting services in 2001 and experienced rapid growth. Their headquarter is located in Arizona and their 2 data centers are both located in Massachusetts. IPOWER hosts more than 700,000 clients from over 100 countries. Being powered by 100% wind energy, IPOWER - as a green web host - is contributing their part to protect the environment.

IPOWER offers a wide range of web hosting services, including 3 shared Linux packages, Windows hosting, VPS hosting and additional services like SSL certificates, web design and search engine marketing. They use a self-developed control panel (Vdeck) and give more than $125 in free marketing bonuses, e.g. for Google, Yahoo and other big players in the online industry.

IPOWER offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support through a toll-free telephone number, live chat and email.

Price Value

The "Pro Plan" Linux hosting package at starts from $3.95 /month (if signed up as a 1-year plan) and offers a free domain name, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and the possibility to host unlimited domains in this single package. The feature-rich hosting plan offers 2,500 email accounts, a free web site builder with 100 templates, marketing guides and more than $125 in marketing bonuses. What we like about the package is, that despite the relatively low monthly price, the billing cycle is short (only 1 year) what makes the package pretty affordable.

The package offers many programing features, such as PHP 4 + 5, Perl, Python, mySQL, SSI, FrontPage Extensions and custom error pages. The ecommerce-features include several shop-systems and PayPal connection. Additionally, the package provides the customer with some applications, like a blog (WordPress), a bulletin board, a guest book and a chat application.

The "Windows Pro Plan" costs $6.95 /month (if signed up as a 1-year plan) and includes a free domain name, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and 1,000 email accounts. It comes with support for Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET 2.0/3.0 with AJAX, ODBC support for Access Databases, SSL secure server, CGI-BIN, PHP 4 + 5 support, PERL, PHP 4+5, mySQL, FrontPage Extensions and many more features.

We rate the price value of both, the feature-rich Linux and Windows web hosting packages as very high.

Reliability and Performance

IPOWER provides their services through two state-of-the-art data centers in Massachusetts. They contain more than 800 servers and half a Petabyte of file storage. IPOWER's servers process an estimated 5.5 Gigabits per second.

Both data centers are connected to the internet with multiple Gigabit and fiberoptic connections of diverse backbone-providers. Their front-end network consists of dual redundant M7I routers and 2 firewalls, based on IDP technology, cross-connected to the outside world with BGP border gateway protocol. This setup guarantees for total network reliability and lightning-fast network-performance.

The server architecure is split into several pools of servers for each application (mail, web, FTP) with RAID data storage devices behind it that hold the files. In this way, all the servers of one application-pool (e.g. all incoming-mail servers) can be customized for only this service, allowing a high specialization of the software setup and thus very high reliability and performance. IPOWER uses DELL high-quality servers.

The incoming requests are distributed to the servers by a dual Big Iron load balancer. The customer's files (that are stored in network-attached RAID units) give every web server the possibility to access every customer's data. Every machine is clustered with an identical machine, that immediately takes over in case the primary machine crashes. The whole data is additionally backed up regularly to another set of storage units. This pooled-architecture grants for highest reliability and performance, that is possible.

The data center itself is 24/7 protected by security guards and monitored by highly trained network security personal. Both data centers run on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C) and are protected by fire suppression systems and emergency electricity backups.

We rate IPOWER's data center, server setup and network to be of highest quality, outstanding reliability and lighting-fast performance.

Features and Control Panel

IPOWER uses their proprietary control panel, vDeck. It provides more than 200 services and tools to the customer to manage every aspect of his web hosting account. Additionally, it includes wizards that help to install complex applications and a site builder with more than 100 templates.

vDeck is a very good and complete software to manage hosting accounts and build web sites.


IPOWER provides 24/7 support through a toll-free telephone number, live chat and an email ticket system. When we checked out support response times they were quiet fast. Although there are other hosting providers that guarantee less than 2 minutes hold time (something IPOWER doesn't guarantee), the responsiveness of the support can be ranked high. Support staff is friendly, competent and helpful.

Additionally, assist their customers with many flash video tutorials, a vast knowledgebase and an FAQ section.

IPOWER support can be ranked among the top 10% service levels in the industry.


It has good reasons, why IPOWER grew so fast since they launched in 2001. Offering a wide variety of web hosting and additional services, IPOWER now hosts more than 700,000 customer's websites.

The price value of both, the Windows and the Linux web hosting packages, are extremely high. The plans are feature-rich and priced very reasonable with short billing cycles (only 1 year), what makes them very affordable.

IPOWER's state-of-the-art data centers grant for outstanding security, performance and reliability. The prorietary control panel vDeck is a complete and good solution for managing hosting accounts. IPOWER's 24/7 toll-free support is responsive and of professional quality compared to other players in the web hosting industry.

We see as a highly professional web hosting provider. They have made their homework and provide highest hosting quality at very affordable price in both, the Linux and the Windows platform.
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