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1&1 Internet Inc.
“Since the early 2000s, 1&1 has grown to become a trusted host for millions of website-owning customers. A reputable leader in web hosting, they offer shared, dedicated, and virtual servers, as well as resources for website building and eCommerce.

Interview with Javier Salcedo, Head of Product Owner Server

The latest news, however, surrounds the release of the new 1&1 Cloud Server, which we got to discuss with 1&1's Head of Product Owner Server, Javier Salcedo.

Introducing the New, Dynamic 1&1 Cloud Server

1&1 recently launched their dynamic 1&1 Cloud Server, to add to their breadth of offerings. Javier debriefed us on the need for this product, and 1&1's ambitions in designing it.

Only Pay for What You Need with Custom Configurations

"We want to deliver all the capabilities you would expect, then make it very easy to use," Javier said. "Trying to combine the two is a real challenge, but that's where we want to be." With custom configurations, 1&1 allows cloud users to select settings for CPU, RAM, and disk independently of one another, and customers only pay for what they can control.

All-SSD SAN Storage for Power, Speed, & Performance

Combining forces with Solidfire, 1&1 opted to only offer SSD storage for their cloud solution. Their SSD hosting for cloud features 11x compression ratios and a price-for-performance rate that's left customers very satisfied, according to Javier. "The results of an external benchmark executed by Cloud Spectator with an external company have been extremely good," he said, "and there have been wonderful reactions from customers regarding no limits on storage."

1&1 Offers All the Hosting Essentials to Get You Going

All 1&1 hosting plans come with a free domain name registration and all the setup options you need to launch a site quickly and easily. In addition to their shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting, they have free site building tools available, both for mobile and desktop.

Unlimited Domains, Databases, Emails, & Apps

1&1 users can get up to unlimited storage, domains, and email accounts, and 1&1 offers a broad variety of packages to meet your hosting needs within your financial means. Their 1&1 App Center features over 140 Click-and-Build Apps to help you customize the perfect web experience for you.

Preinstalled App Templates & WordPress-Friendly Hosting

1&1 streamlines your site launch by offering easy installations of popular web applications. At checkout, you can include preinstalled app templates for WordPress, Drupal, or Magento, and they even offer WordPress-specific hosting packages.

1&1 MyWebsite: Build a Customizable Site from Scratch

In addition to the free site building tools for desktop and mobile, 1&1 offers plans specific to website building: 1&1 MyWebsite. These packages feature drag-and-drop site building, with professional-looking templates and mobile optimization available.

Get Your Brand Out There: SEO, Marketing, & eCommerce

When it comes to marketing your site — gaining visibility in search results and exposure to your target audience — 1&1 pulls out all the stops.

Custom Tools for Gaining Exposure & Tracking Site Statistics

To start your site's marketing, 1&1 offers $50-worth of credits towards paid advertising with Bing and Yahoo! Then, their SEO Assistant tool helps you boost search engine rankings and their SiteAnalytics tool is there to help you track your site's success.

Resources for eCommerce & Building an Online Store

Building an online store with 1&1's eCommerce website builder is just as easy as building a website or blog with 1&1. Four plans are available for online retailers to build websites equipped to present up to thousands of products. Stores can be available on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Customers should take advantage of 1&1's cross-selling opportunities, options to translate stores into multiple languages, and optimization tools. With 1&1, you can use major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to broaden your customer base, or make your store available on Facebook. Then, using 1&1's SEO Dashboard, you can improve your online store's positioning in search results, ensuring that buyers find your online shop easily.

Finally, Rest Easy with 1&1 Security, Reliability, & Support

Web hosting customers are alotted unlimited webspace, unlimited site traffic, and incredible uptime rates and reliability.

DDoS Protection, SiteLock Scanning, & New CDN

1&1 offers proactive protection against DDoS threats, with SiteLock malware scanning available for added security as well. Their new CDN ensures the latest protection features for your site, and you can upgrade to 1&1 CDN Plus, with HTTPS support and mobile browsing optimization.

Geo-Redundant Datacenters & 24/7 Support

With the most advanced technology supporting their seven datacenters, 1&1 prides itself on its leading-edge, geo-redundant servers. They offer 24/7 customer support and a Webspace Recovery feature, so help is always available, should catastrophe strike.

Last Words on 1&1 Cloud Server & 1&1's Hosting Solutions

It's no secret that 1&1 is a leading name in web hosting, but after speaking with Javier and getting to know the new 1&1 Cloud Server, we can see how they rose to fame.

1&1 has built their business putting the needs and expectations of customers first. Whether it's a click-and-build online store or a powerful cloud solution with tons of customizable configuration and payment options, 1&1 anticipates customer desires and strives to meet and exceed expectations.”

Free domain, with up to unlimited domains, emails, and storageDrag-and-drop site builder and 1&1 Click-and-Build Apps availableEasily create an online store and gain exposure with $50-worth of ad creditsWide variety of packages catering to businesses, personal use, and more1&1's custom SEO and marketing tools quickly gain visibility for your site
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123-reg offers three hosting plans: Start Up, Business, and Professional. The base plan, Start Up ($4.13 per month, or $49.56 per year with a one-year commitment) is very basic, offering 1GB of storage, unlimited montly data transfers, 100 email mailboxes at 1GB each, some email security, and not much else. If you already have an existing HTML site (one that's not too big) you can upload via FTP, the basic plan is sufficient. The plan supports Ruby, PHP, ASP.NET and Perl, but that's about it. You can't install databases, so any application that requires a SQL database is out—popular forum software phpBB and any type of content management software are both no-go. There is also no command line access.

Business (starting at $6.89 per month) is comparable to what you would see with competitors such as the Editors' Choice winners Arvixe$3.20 at Arvixe - Shared and Dreamhost$4.95 at DreamHost - Shared, with 50GB storage, 500 email mailboxes at 1GB each, database support, website statistics, almost 70 third-party applications you can install, a stock image library, and access to website templates. 123-reg offers a choice of Linux or Windows hosting, which is unusual and welcome. So if you need Windows hosting, 123-reg is an option to consider, if you don't want to deal with Microsoft's Azure cloud environment.

The Professional plan (starting at $12.49 per month) offers unlimited email, mailboxes, and databases. Since the company is based in the U.K., 123-reg offers a domain for free in the Start Up Plan, three for Business, and five in Professional. Since we were registering a .com domain, we also incurred an additional £10.99 ($18.21) domain fee.

123-reg makes selecting a package harder than it needs to be. In addition to the plan choices, you also have the option to buy a Website Builder package, which is a hosting plan specifically for hosting a regular website, or an e-commerce shop. You can also look into hosting with Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress (starting at £4.16, or $8.27, per month). This kind of hosting provides you with a managed version of these content management systems. One nice thing is that you don't need to deal with updates or basic configuration of these systems, because 123-reg handles them for you.

High-Performance Web Hosting Packages

123-Reg's dedicated cloud servers come in a variety of CPU, RAM, and storage configurations. The power will cost you, but with the high prices come beefy specs: The low-end dedicated cloud servers start at $167 (48GB of RAM, 1.2TB hard drive, and unlimited month data transfers) and scale up to $329 per month (96GB RAM, four 2TB hard drives, and unlimited monthly data transfers).

HostGator$3.33 at HostGator - Shared, the PCMag Editors' choice for dedicated Web hosting services, doesn't scale nearly as high: Users can customize their servers with up to 1TB of storage, 16GB of RAM, Linux or Windows operating systems, and 25GB of monthly data transfers. That said, Hostgator is a far more well-rounded Web host; it has a lower starting price, more flexible Web-building options, and superior technical support hours.

Signing up is easy and quick. You search for a domain name, select a plan, and enter personal information and billing details. There's a strong sales push for tools such as the Website Builder and ecommerce tools, which makes sense because the core plans don't offer much. Like, 123-reg offers only a skimpy 15-day money-back guarantee, compared with the standard 30 days from most providers. Arvixe has a generous 60-day guarantee.

Setting Up a 123-reg Hosted Site

The main 123-reg control panel is a long page with clearly marked sections for management tools. The domain management tools are prominently displayed at the top, followed by email, Web hosting, servers, create your website, ecommerce, security, marketing, make money, and account management. Each section has prominent buy links for tools and features.

Despite having bought Web hosting for our site,, we didn't see any Web hosting tools on the control panel. Everything was hidden behind the Manage button, which opened up a new tab. We could go into the file manager to view and even edit the HTML and text files.

Because this was the Business plan, we had access to website statistics tools AWStats, OpenWeb, and Webalizer, the control panel for MySQL database, command-line tools such as ping, an HTML and Perl validator, and a slew of Web resources, including a JavaScript generator, an image library, and website images.

We browsed through the website templates and clicked on one that we liked. The templates are fairly basic and nothing to get too excited about. The template downloaded to my computer. At this point, we had to either open up an FTP session or use the File Manager tool from the control panel. Once the file was on the server, we were able to edit the file through the File Manager tool. It's a manual process, but it's not quite hand-rolling your own HTML. Still, tons of providers offer some kind of website creation tools, so it's really not worth the time and effort to go this manual route in 2014.

Instead, you can try 123-reg's Instant Site tool. Instant Site provides hundreds of templates to create a website that can be an online store, a photo gallery, or a blog. You can add polls, forms, and widgets to the site. InstantSite Plus (£2.99, or $4.95, per month) limits you to just 10 pages, while Instant Site Pro (£4.99, or $8.27, per month) allows 500 pages. You can also sign up for the Make Me a Website service, and 123-reg will build the site to your specifications.

In addition, the control panel offers a Website Builder, which isn't a website creation tool, exactly. It's a hosting plan with bundled website creation. The Personal plan, again, is very basic; it allows only five pages. With Website Builder (starting at £3.99 per month, or $6.61) you gain a drag-and-drop interface for creating polished websites. It lets you add social media links, PayPal buttons and shopping carts, and Google Maps.

Setting Up a WordPress Blog

The main reason we got the Business plan is to see how well 123-reg worked with WordPress, one of the most popular blog platforms on the Web. This is part of our standard testing procedure for all Web hosting services. While you can set up your own blog using Instant Site, many people want the advanced features and customizability WordPress offers.

The WordPress icon is listed under CGI Scripts in the Web Hosting control panel, which may be confusing, since people don't always think of Web applications as CGI scripts. This section doesn't display the icons for each application in alphabetical order, which makes working with them quite tedious. You click on the icon, enter the directory the blog platform should be installed in, and the platform unpacks the files in the appropriate location. As with, you still need to do the rest of the setup process by going to the provided Web URL and then logging into the dashboard.

One note about CGI Scripts: This section listed about 60 different applications because we were using a Linux host. The list of available applications is significantly shorter if you are using a Windows host.

Creating Email Accounts

Email setup is a breeze. The main control panel offers an icon for Manage Email. You can see how many mailboxes you currently have and all created accounts. Antivirus protection is enabled by default, but you can buy also buy mobility (to check mail from mobile devices) as an add-on. You can create actual email addresses as well as forwarding addresses. You create email addresses one at a time, but you can delete multiple users at once. We really like how Network Solutions $2.99 at Network Solutions let you create multiple mailboxes at once, and we would like to see that feature offered by other providers. You can find POP and IMAP settings under each email account's Mailbox Settings.

Setting Up a 123-reg Online Store

You have quite a few choices for your online store on 123-reg. You can create an online store with PayPal widgets using Instant Site. You can install one of the many applications 123-reg lists under the E-commerce option on the Web hosting control panel, such as osCommerce, Open Cart, and Agora Shopping Cart. You can upload a third-party application and manually configure it, much as you would for, or a cloud environment such as Amazon EC2 or Azure. You can also buy an ecommerce package, which is yet another type of hosting plan that is only for creating an online store. Much like the Website Builder plan, Eshop offers all the basics of Web hosting and adds in custom features to make it easier to set everything up.

We set up osCommerce and found the experience more or less the same as installing WordPress. After unpacking the CGI scripts, we had to step through the installation process and configure the databases. It wasn't difficult, but after working with the snazzy store creator that came with the Network Solutions hosting plan, this process seemed time-consuming, difficult, and less friendly for small businesses. EShop gives you that similar experience, provided you buy the ecommerce plan instead of a normal hosting plan.

Security Features

123-reg offers the ability to block IP addresses and blacklisting, which is nifty. Along with SSL certificates, you can also buy Site Scanner, which monitors your website to determine if you have been infected with malware. Site Scanner also looks for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers and monitors your domain reputation on spam blocking lists. While email has built-in antivirus, there is no anti-spam service comparable to what Arvixe offers.

Customer Service

If you have any problems with your hosting plan, or if you simply have a question, your only bet with 123-reg is to use the Live Chat, or else look for the FAQ guide on the site. Phone support is restricted to UK-customers only. The Live Chat is not 24 hours a day; it's available only from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. London time, Monday to Friday. This means if you need help after 2 p.m. in New York or 11 a.m. in San Francisco, you are completely out of luck. The FAQ guides are well written, but there were still plenty of questions left unanswered. So either plan ahead when you will contact tech support, or consider GoDaddy$3.99 at GoDaddy - Shared or Network Solutions for your tech support needs.

When we did catch someone, at about 9:30 a.m. Eastern, the LiveChat agent was helpful. We asked how we would handle domain transfers, and the agent was able to talk me through the relevant steps. We also asked about the difference between WordPress hosting and just installing WordPress on the Business plan. The agent explained that WordPress hosting meant we wouldn't have to deal with any updates, since 123-reg would handle it entirely. The Live Chat agents know their answers, but good luck matching up time zones to get assistance. Having a user forum would have at least helped for those weekend crises.

Too Pricey for Basics

123-reg is not the cheapest or easiest-to-use web hosting platform out there. The company has good domain management tools, which makes sense since it was originally a domain registrar. Web hosting feels like an afterthought, though, and the tools are not as easy to use or as robust as what competitors offer. We had thought Network Solutions was overwhelming, but 123-reg was harder to navigate and the various pricing options just made the process even more challenging. If you run one-purpose sites, such as a WordPress site, an online store, or a simple HTML site, 123-reg may fit your needs. But if you want flexibility, or to be able to host a blog and an online store and an image gallery, you'll wind up paying a lot for add-ons, and you'll spend a lot of time configuring it all. For a simpler-to-use, full-featured Web hosting service, the PCMag Editors' Choice winners, Arvixe and Dreamhost, are better options.
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99designs has an intuitive design posting process that helps you present your vision to designers in an organized fashion. Visions can be subjective and their process helps you get a much better result than a typical graphic design job posting. Non-designers usually have no idea how to explain a concept to a graphic designer and I like the questions 99designs asks you to define your design brief. Many other crowdsourcing websites leave your design description wide-open which can lead to you not getting what you want.

They have a money back guarantee which means you won’t have to pay for a result that doesn’t satisfy you.

I like how you get an estimate of the expected number of submissions based on your budget.

You have the option to run a blind contest where no one gets to see the submissions other than you.

Because of the nature of a design contest, you are paying for a fixed bid project. You’ll never pay more than what you set upfront. If you were to hire a designer to work by the hour, you could end up with a project that took longer and cost more than you originally planned. And you might end up getting a design you don’t even like.

If you have a smaller budget you can still get logos from their $99 pre-made logo store.

Because they are one of the largest marketplaces you could get literally hundreds of bids on a single project.
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123inkjets provides the highest quality inkjet and toner cartridges at the most affordable prices. The company makes their own inventory purchases and thereby ensures that all the purchases are made from the most reliable suppliers who do not compromise with the quality under any circumstances. In addition to performing 100% of their product fulfillment, customer satisfaction is also the prime concern of In the past 10 years they have sold over 5 million ink cartridges and so being the industry leader they are proud to bring all this to you at very substantial savings which generally ranges from 40% to 80% off the retail price found at your local discount office supply super-stores. Various brands of Ink cartridges sold by the company are as follows:-

123Inkjets was founded in 1999 and the number of employees with which the company started was 4. Its annual revenue estimate ranges from $500,000 to $1 million. The business of the company falls in the category of Commercial Lithographic Printing. Few Board Members of the company along with their designation are as follows:-

Amy Meirs (Customer Service Supervisor)

Christine Juszczak (Customer Service Support)

Vivian Tomik (Customer Service Manager)

Frank Farina (Business Development Manager)

The address of the company headquarters is as follows:-


2820 Cochran St.

Simi Valley, CA 93065

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1-800 AUTO YES is a website that promises people the ability to apply for a “fresh start” auto loan in just 90 seconds, regardless of whether you have poor credit or even if you have no credit.

How Does It Work?

To begin with, is a loan matching service, they are not actually a lender that provides auto loans, and they describe themselves as “the first step towards getting a safe and trusted car loan.”

According to their website, over the ten years that they have been in business, they have built partnerships with the nation’s must trusted car dealers in order to provide their customers with the best options available to them. During this time period, they have partnered with lenders who will handle credit of all kinds, no matter whether you have a bankruptcy on your record or whether you have not yet built any credit report at all.

Once you complete your application and submit to their team, they will use the information they have provided you to find the right lender to meet the specific needs of your credit history. You will then be provided with their information and the loan they are willing to extend to you. Once you’ve reviewed their loan offer, you can choose whether or not you would like to accept it.

Cost/Price Plans

Using their service to fill out and submit an application, and then to be matched with a lender that can meet your specific credit needs and loan requirements is all free of charge. However, any loan that you are offered by a lender will have fees included, whether these are limited to the basic interest rate or include late fees, penalties, or extra fees of any kind. It is up to the borrower to read the terms of the loan and understand what fees are included before you accept it.

Refund Policy

Since does not actually charge their customers any fees, they also have no reason to provide their customers with a Refund Policy. Instead, if you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the loan you have accepted, you must contact your lender directly.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-269-2777 or by email at


Unfortunately there are not many reviews for this company at this time at all, especially those that are provided by customers who have successfully used this service to secure a car loan that met their needs.

That being said, as a free service the real thing people need to be concerned about is the fact that your contact information will likely be provided to any company which provides auto loans, meaning that you will receive marketing and sales phone calls regarding these issues, likely for quite a while. This is important to keep in mind when providing your contact information to this website.

The other problem, of course, is dealing with lenders that specialize in “bad credit, no credit” loans. These lenders regularly provide loans with high interest rates and significant additional fees, which is why it is so important for you to read and understand these terms in full before you agree to accept them.
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800 FLORALS. Send flowers online! Award-winning online florist offering same-day and next-day flower delivery in the USA and Canada. Order...

Looking for 800 FLORALS popular content, reviews and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that is not yet a popular website, with moderate traffic (approximately over 16K visitors monthly) and thus ranked among mediocre projects, according to Alexa. We also discovered that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from USA (45,7%) and female users predominate (79%). This domain has a very good reputation, so you can visit it safely.
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  • Sell Online: Yes is an online store founded by eye doctors to offer customers inexpensive high quality prescription eye glasses. offers thousands of different prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to suit every customers style, and by offering them for up to 70% cheaper than retail, they fit even the tightest of budgets. offers:

Women’s eyeglasses

Men’s eyeglasses

Reading glasses contact lenses

Metal eyeglasses

Plastic eyeglasses

Prescription sunglasses

Semi-rimless eyeglasses

Rimless eyeglasses

Kids eyeglasses

Bifocals/progressive and Varilux

Bendable titanium eyeglasses

Contact lenses offers great brands like:



Optical Dynamics


Carl Zeiss Vision


There are numerous online stores that sell prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, so what makes better than the rest? Why purchase your prescription eyeglasses at instead of at one of their competitors? offers:

Doctor owned: was started and is owned by optometrists that care about their customer’s vision.

Expert advice: Need advice? has a 1-800 number that customers can call to get eyeglass advice from an eyeglass expert.

$39 prescription eyeglasses: All of’s prescription $39 eyeglasses come with light and thin prescription lenses that offer 100% UV protection and have a tough scratch resistant coating, a hard glasses cases, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Next day shipping: offers next day shipping so customers can get their new eyeglasses fast.

Worry free guarantee: offers a 30 day return policy.

Use your own frames: Love your frames, but need new lenses? There is no need to buy new frames, allows customers to send in their old frames and get new lenses put in.
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