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I like to shed a degree of light onto the overlooked gems of the website building industry. Under-resourced companies doing more with less. Enterprising enterprises that galvanize the rest of us enervated yet credulous dreamers to think we’ve got a snowball’s chance. Little bands of digital upstarts that make up for what they lack in polish and feature add-ons with grit, […]

Top 3 Alternatives to

“As goes life, so goes website building.” — Abraham Lincoln The trend towards simple, mobile responsive website builders has been apparent for some time now. The reasons why are self-evident. With pressures on our time and money seemingly on a permanent growth spiral, the vast majority of us are left to digest the fact that we must do more […]

How To Build a Website For Your Small Business

Given the fraught economic climate we find ourselves in, you might say there’s never been a riskier time to launch a small business. Amid the struggle to stay financially solvent and skills-relevant in a callous world, what irrationality, what madness could inspire someone to spurn their hard-fought position in the rat race and risk it all to […]

Best Website Builders for Mobile Sites

So you like to think of your website as quite the masterpiece. Designed with pitch-perfect aesthetics and seamless functionality for your customers, your website (and, by extension, you) stands as a shining testament to what can be accomplished in the digital age with grit and a touch of know-how. Your site infuses the browsers and the hearts of grateful cyberspace […]

Which Website Builders Have the Best Templates?

Perhaps you consider yourself a bit of a DIY wizard. Eschewing safety nets and training wheels, you display the telltale tendency of the go-getter to fetishize a stringent conception of self-reliance. You eat Grape Nuts straight out of the package. You keep getting tickets for not wearing your seat belt. You only play video games at the […]

3 Website Builders with Free eCommerce

Website builders have evolved in sophistication since the days when throwing some text up against sparkly wallpaper sufficed as a web presence for a major corporation. Advancements in technology and design, along with the revolutionary idea that one shouldn’t have to struggle to read red text against a print background, have demanded a more technologically rigorous
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  • Sell Online: Yes is a website which has been designed to help people deal with all their current and potential money issues, from how to make money, to how you should save it, and even the best ways to spend it.

How Does It Work? works for their users in a wide variety of ways. First and foremost they offer their website visitors information on money and financial issues, on topics like Credit Cards, Student Loans, Getting Loans, Tax Debt, ID Theft, Repairing Credit, Bankruptcy, Collections, and many more.

They also provide their users with a selection of tools that can help them determine the best way to meet their own personal needs, including the ability to "Ask the Expert," Financial Calculators, Self Help Booklets, Steps to Success, and more.

Finally, for users who may have already found themselves in financial troubles and are seeking out debt relief solutions, the website says that they have worked hard to partner with highly rated companies which may be able to help you.

They also promise that they will help all people find the company and solutions that are best suited to them, because they do not believe that when it comes to financial services that “one size” fits all.

Cost/Price Plans

The information and tools available on this website are free for users, as is the very first consultation session you will have with one of their representatives regarding your debt and the potential solutions which may work for you.

Once you decide to work with a company or to use services they have recommended, fees will be required, but they should all be listed upfront so you know whether or not you have the ability or desire to pay for them.

Refund Policy

Like most other financial services companies, does not provide any official Refund Policy. Since does not personally provide services, you’ll have to look at Guarantees or Cancellation Policies provided by whatever company whose services are being considered.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-810-0989 or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link.
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97-Day Money Back & 100% Uptime Guaranteed

24/7/365 US Based, In-house Technical Support


FREE One-Click Software Installer

FREE Domain Name & Instant Setup

Powerful Web-Based Account Control

Launched in April 1997, DreamHost, an employee owned and carbon neutral company, has aimed at providing quality customer service along with affordable, feature rich web hosting packages. Their technology is built by some of the industry's most clever developers on stable systems that come together to create one amazing user experience. Designed to be easy-to-use, everything at DreamHost is built with the customer in mind. DreamHost has built an award winning control panel which can't be found anywhere else. DreamHost has a solid commitment to providing the very best web hosting service by offering a 100% uptime guarantee. If you decide to go with DreamHost, be sure to write a review on how things are going!
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DirectGardening Affiliate Program
I've been buying from Direct Gardening, ever so often, for about seven years. Not all the plants are perfect, and they do have a return policy. Due to the way the plants arrive, they will require extraordinary attention. Yes it may be a PITA, but time is money, and you're saving money as compared to full-grown and/or older "plants" from a nursery. If you know your dirt and the item you are buying, the chances of failure are extremely low. If you don't have the time to give, you'll need to pay alot more and buy somewhere else. I am very satisfied, but i do know my dirt, and read up on the items I am not familair with. I have, and continue to recommend this site to friends, neighbors, and strangers that want to discuss cost-efficient solutions to their gardening.
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  • Sell Online: Yes is a one of the largest domain registration and hosting company offering reliable, secure and flexible service to its customers worldwide. The company specializes in:

Domain registration

Web Hosting

VPS Hosting

Email Solutions

SSL certificates

Online marketing services

Along with the hosting solutions provided it also allows customers to create and publish their own website through their easy to use and customizable publishing tool. Some other distinguishing features provided include:

Full Network Redundancy

Complete Network Optimization

Critical Video Monitoring

Secured access to data center

Fire threat detection and suppression

Reliable data storage
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  • Sell Online: Yes is devoted to helping America access quality dental care and save money in the process. Their dedicated team of qualified professionals and the easy-to-use technology on their website has allowed to flourish as the leader in Discount Dental Plans today. In today's economy, many people are looking for ways to save on their dental care. offers our members more choices, more value and more savings.

With more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry, their devoted team quickly transformed into a trusted industry leader and the largest online provider of Discount Dental Plans. Since 1999, has offered great value and convenience with an extensive choice of money-saving Discount Dental Plans in their user-friendly website.

Many of their valued Members have shared their discount dental plan experiences with them. One of the feedbacks, made on 11/26/2012 by Joan P says,

“For those who are retired, if you don't have dental insurance, this Discount Dental Plan is a good way to save.”

Though they do not have many reviews on other sites, still they have 12 reviews on and 4 reviews on, and most of them are negative. One of the reviews says,

"Waste of money. It only saves a couple dollars and in some cases the price the dentist charges is lower than the Dentamax "discount rate." What a rip-off. "
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Danskin Women's Apparel
Danskin is a company that offers a large selection of women's dance and active wear as well as fitness equipment. They are well-known for their fashionable yet durable clothing. The Danskin name is synonymous with the manufacture of quality, style and function.

Some of their products include:

Active Wear

Training Wear

Yoga Wear

Triathlon Clothing

Dance Wear for Women and Girls

Danskin was founded in 1882 by Joel and Benson Goodman from New York City. It began as a family-owned business that manufactured tights, tutus, and leotards for dancers, but has grown considerably. In 1950, Danskin developed the first nylon body wear, and in the 1960s, they created "street wear" for the general female public. The company is also credited with the development of the first bodysuit, which transformed the leotard completely. They have since added a wide range of clothing from training to yoga, and they continue to be the leader in women's active wear.
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Discovery Channel Store
Discovery Channel’s website is an easy way to keep up to date with their famous shoes and also allows its customers to buy their favorite shows in DVD’s and Blu-ray disk. The company provides its customers with the chance to buy several items themed with the shows that the network produces and hosts. The most famous items are the Myth Buster action figures that sell like hot cakes. The website has a great layout and helps customers choose their favorite items and make informed decisions when they purchase.

The channel was founded by John Hendricks in 1985 and provides insight into the world of science, nature and technology and serves as an institution, educating people about the past and the future. The network is home to various famous shows such as Monster Garage, American Chopper, Ushuaia, Deadliest Catch and Myth Busters. The network has provided great services to educate people about science and its various applications in day to day life and currently operated in almost every country in the world from its headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.
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