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Established in 1998, FatCow made a name for itself by providing web hosting services for small to medium-sized businesses. FatCow is owned and managed by Endurance International Group (EIG), which is a large hosting business group. EIG also owns iPage, BlueHost, Hostgator, Arvixe, A Small Orange, and dozens of other hosting companies (see full list here). Because of that, FatCow is not just in competition with itself. It’s also in competition with its partner companies.

I tested FatCow in 2009, and at that time, I had a positive impression about its service. I was impressed by how different the company was, and I was pleased with its old-fashioned service. A lot can change in a few years, though, and that has been the case with FatCow.

Check out what FatCow has to offer and how my opinion of the web host has changed over the last several years.

What’s In The Farm: FatCow Web Hosting Plans

You have four options if you want to get a hosting plan with FatCow. You can get (the names of the hosting plans): Original FatCow, WordPress Blog, VPS Service, and Dedicated Servers.

Original FatCow

The Original FatCow is just another name for a shared hosting plan. This plan has an introductory price of $3.15 a month, but it renews for $8.95 a month.

That’s a steep increase after the first month. The plans include unlimited email addresses, disk space, and bandwidth. You’ll also get $50 in social networking credits when you sign up for a shared plan. Plus, you’ll get 1GB of JustCloud storage and access to a free website builder and domain name. These tools will help you set your site up.

WordPress Blog

If you just want to set up a WordPress blog, you can sign up for the company’s WordPress Blog hosting. The WP Starter plan starts at $3.75 a month, and the WP Essential plan starts at $6.95 a month. Both plans include the core hosting plan, a customized control panel, and pre-installed themes and plugins. The Essential plan has enhanced speed, security, and support, making it a good option if you are hosting a business blog. Otherwise, the Starter plan should provide you with everything you need for a WordPress blog.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is another choice. FatCow offers three VPS Hosting plans. The Basic plan includes 1 core, 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. The Business plan has 2 cores, 4 GB of RAM, 90 GB of storage, and 3 TB of bandwidth. The Optimum plan has 4 cores, 8 GB of ram, 120 GB of storage, and 4 TB of bandwidth. These plans range in price from $19.99 a month all the way up to $79.99 a month.

Dedicated Servers

Finally, you can go with a Dedicated Servers plan. You will also have three options to choose from if you select Dedicated Servers hosting. The Startup plan has 2 cores, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage, and 5 TB of bandwidth, while the Professional plan has twice as much of everything. The Enterprise plan has 4 cores, 16 GB of RAM, 1,000 GB of storage, and 15 TB of bandwidth. These packages range from $119.99 a month to $191.99 a month, and they provide independent control and dedicated resources.

My Experience With FatCow: What’s Good?

Strong Uptime Record

I like several things about FatCow. One of the best features is the uptime. While I don’t currently have a test site up, I track a site that is owned by a friend of mine, and I’m impressed by the site’s uptime record. The host is reliable, which is something that you always want when you have a website up, whether you are using it for business or personal use.

I also like the way that FatCow offers a daily backup service. Most budget web hosts don’t do this, so this is a huge benefit. You want your information to be protected, and you’ll get that with FatCow without spending a ton of money on third-party backups.

Room to Grow

Also, FatCow offers room to grow. While it used to only offer shared hosting plans, it started offering VPS and dedicated hosting in May 2014. These additional options mean that you can grow with your host. If you plan to expand your site in the future, FatCow might be a good option for you. It’s nice to be able to stay with the same hosting company when you expand, so this is a great feature.

Of course, it’s can’t all be good. There are also a few things you should know.

FatCow Special Discount

FatCow runs weekend promotions and special discounts randomly. The price stated in this review might not be accurate. For best accuracy, please visit FatCow official site.
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FastDomain is a shared web hosting company based in the US. The company was founded in 2005 and is a sister company to BlueHost and HostMonster due to its status as an Endurance International Group company. The Endurance International Group is a massive web hosting company with nearly 3 million customers using various services and brands.

The FastDomain website is entirely focused on getting customers up and running quickly with as little fuss as possible, so simplicity is key to its single shared hosting plan.

FastDomain Hosting Plans

The FastDomain shared hosting plan is based on Linux operating systems. Customers can choose between 12, 24 and 36 month contracts, with the longest contract being the cheapest. The plan is called ‘The Complete Solution’ and customers are provided with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, POP3 email accounts and can host unlimited domains, sub-domains and MySQL databases.

There is only one shared hosting plan visible on the FastDomain website, but customers can choose to upgrade to a Pro package when they sign up. This provides additional server resources, access to a SSL Certificate, a dedicated IP address and free domain privacy.

FastDomain does not offer reseller, VPS or dedicated server hosting, but there is an affiliate program for those who wish to earn money through referrals.

Once customers have signed up to FastDomain they can purchase a range of add-on features for their site including SSL certificates, a dedicated IP address, a SiteLock, a mobile site builder and site backup tools.

FastDomain Uptime/Downtime

FastDomain indicates that its customers can depend on the maximum guaranteed uptime, but the ‘maximum guaranteed’ figure isn’t actually specified. This is fairly standard for an Endurance International Group brand: I’ve found that many don’t specify a guarantee.

There is a Server Uptime Agreement mentioned in the knowledge base, but not in the terms of service, so it is not clear whether this is still available. The Server Uptime Agreement indicated that should customers leave because of server downtime, they wouldn’t have to pay for the remaining term of their agreement.

FastDomain Support

FastDomain provides a wide range of support options for its customers. These include a knowledge base, a getting started wizard,a server status page and video how-to guides for self help purposes. Customer support teams are available 24 hours a day through an email/ticketing system, live chat facility and a toll free phone line. There is also an international number for non-US based customers.

Beyond the in-house support facilities, FastDomain has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, but these are rarely used. Customers shouldn’t rely on social media for support.

FastDomain in the News

FastDomain have not made any waves, and there’s no negative press in the most prominent tech news blogs. This suggests that the company’s services are relatively stable and reliable.

FastDomain Control Panel

FastDomain hosting accounts come with a branded version of cPanel for customers to manage and administer their websites. This control panel is widely used by web hosting companies and should be familiar to most customers who have had hosting plans before.

There is also a free demo on the FastDomain website where customers can take a look around the control panel and see its features before they sign up.

FastDomain Extras

Sign up for a web hosting plan with FastDomain and you’ll be given a free domain name registration for a year. You’ll also receive vouchers for Facebook and Bing/Yahoo! marketing credits. There is a free search engine submission feature and customers can also install CloudFlare for free. The shared hosting supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and more commonly-used scripts and applications.

FastDomain Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

FastDomain has a 30-day money-back guarantee to reassure its customers of a good quality service. The policy is split into two parts: the 3-day guarantee and the 3 to 30-day guarantee. If the customer cancels within 3 days, they do not have to retain the free domain name; if they do, this is deductable from the refund. After 3 days, all domain name registration costs are non-refundable. Add on fees such as SSL Certificates and dedicated IP address are not refundable either.

FastDomain Summary

Due to the simplicity of the single FastDomain hosting plan, it stands out from the majority of other hosting companies which offer more choice and, some might say, more confusing options. This can be seen as FastDomain’s strength, in a way: its focus is clearly on getting people up and running with as little hassle as possible.

The money-back guarantee is a standard 30 days, but the added security of not having to pay for a free domain name if the customer cancels within 3 days offers a little more security than most other hosting plans.

Shared hosting with FastDomain will suit both newcomers to web hosting and existing shared hosting customers who are looking to make a quick switch in provider. However, medium and large sized organisations looking for more robust hosting capabilities will want to look elsewhere.
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This online boutique is a family business based in Florence, Italy and caters fashionable items to both men and women to over 150 countries all over the world. Since the company was established on 1992, it has made its landmark as a world-class online shopping site with flagships in countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Japan, Australia and China.

Features of

Fashionable Products – has full of products meant for women but through the years, additional products for men. They offer famous brands of bags, shoes, designer clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, gift items and many more. The online store is the best place to look for thousands of women’s products and frilly items girls wish to own. Products from exude luxury, trendy fashion and the latest styles.


Affordable Prices – Seldom can you find designer products that you can easily afford. One of the crowd drawers of this online site is the prices. Customers know designer products are expensive and people who are endowed with money can well afford these expensive products. Thankfully, you can now own your favorite designer watch or branded bag when you keep on buying from because the more you shop the more reward points you earn. These points are used on keeping the prices of products down.

Fast and Free Ship Delivery – Most of the problems encountered by online consumers is the delivery. There are complaints of late deliveries that could be several months and other times, costumers do not receive their goods which only mean one thing, they had dealt with a scam. is neither of these things. They made sure that they deliver on time regardless of the location. delivers worldwide.

My Own Experience with

I was in need of the perfect bag that will go with my evening gown. I was not able to find the bag that I like from the local shops in my place. I was so desperate until I saw in Vogue Magazine the handbag that I was looking for. It was a Versace handbag. I started searching in the web for the supplier of this handbag which is I said to myself that there would be no issue of scam here because Vogue Mag is a reputable magazine. It was my luck because I was able to save at least $22 and it will be shipped to me for free. They told me to expect the goods within five working days but I was really surprised and elated as well when it arrived on the third day. That was quick and I was more than happy because I am now a proud owner of a Versace handbag.


If you are looking for style, class and luxury, you’ve come to the right place at The website offers countless products that spell popular brands in the likes of Versace, Gucci, G & B and many more. I had found a website that I can really trust. I suggest that you might as well consider This is a reliable site and has a history of delivering the goods.
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Flowers Fast
Flowers Fast is an FTD Top 100 Member, providing customers with a wide range of great bouquets and arrangements to choose from, all at great prices. As part of the FTD Network, Flowers Fast lets users tap into the knowledge and experience of more than 20,000 florists across the United States, helping them to find the perfect bouquet each and every time. What’s more, with many bouquets being available to deliver within a matter of hours after purchase, there’s no reason to ever miss a birthday or anniversary again!

Finding the perfect bouquet at Flowers Fast is simple. Customers can shop by occasion or style, helping them to find the perfect bouquet or arrangement for birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, graduations, funerals or more. If you prefer to design your own arrangement, Flowers Fast allows customers to specify a particular flower or range of flowers and will construct a beautiful, seasonal bouquet around these preferences for an additional fee. Search results in all categories can be filtered by price or floral content, making it even easier to choose a bouquet that fits the bill as well as your budget! All bouquets and arrangements can be customized or upgraded – customers can either choose from one of three upgrade sizes, choose additional flowers to supplement any bouquet or choose from a wide range of ‘add on’ gifts such as chocolates, wine, teddy bears, balloon bouquets and more.

Customer service is of paramount importance to Flowers Fast, something that is evidenced by the great number of return customers and positive testimonials that the service has. Customers are protected by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee that ensures that all flowers are delivered fresh and in perfect condition each and every time. Similarly, all bouquets are delivered for one flat-rate service charge of $10.95 per bouquet, meaning it’s easy to see how much each product will cost and, unlike some sites, the cost to deliver the bouquet does not increase with the cost of the arrangement itself.

Although the service offered by Flowers Fast is good, and the site offers a wide range of bouquets and arrangements to choose from, the service is far from unique. Notably, many other online flower delivery services we have reviewed in this category offer flowers at cheaper prices (with many also offering customers a range of promotions and free delivery on many bouquets). Therefore, although customers may well find the perfect gift at Flowers Fast, we would suggest they shop around (especially at those sites that feature highly in our top ten in this category) to find the best deal possible!
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  • Sell Online: Yes sounded like a good thing when we decided to sell our high end waterfront home. $50K+ for realtors' fees didn't sound attractive. Ouch. We received a fair amount of inquiries in the first several weeks from our ForSaleByOwner.Com listing. It started to peter out and they recommended we use the MLS. We even used their MLS listing agent which after discussions with the "owner" I felt actually was part and parcel of them, as an MLS listing is quite expensive, and it was peanuts through them. (Two companies scratching each other's backs.) We received calls from potential buyers before the MLS subscription for a while before it petered out, and received more from the MLS listing, including from realtors who saw it listed on the MLS. But they didn't like the 2% commission.

Then after a month with MLS it became obvious that selling a high end waterfront home yourself rather than with a licensed realtor was impossible. We were blackballed and realtors told their prospective clients when the client saw the FSBO sign, "Don't bother. It's overpriced and a shambles." Nothing could have been further from the truth. This info is from a realtor who spoke with me on the phone about letting them list it. "We'll do a better job." There were two realtors who had the guts to show our house for the 2% commission anyhow. I eventually hired one of them and she sold our home within a month.

After we picked a realtor we cancelled our ForSaleByOwner.Com subscription and MSL service through because many people driving by had a realtor and were afraid to negotiate directly with an owner on a high end home. They would ask their realtor to show them the home, but the realtor said no (it was a shambles) which translated to "because there was only a 2% commission for them."

I don't review my credit card statement often, which I should, but four months after cancelling and MLS I see a bill of $86.00 from ForSaleByOwner.Com that has been put on my credit card monthly. I cancelled both the ForSaleByOwner and MLS on the same day. One begets the other. Interestingly, from the day I cancelled both I received not one further inquiry on the property. I was successful in my cancellations.

When I called today to ask why they were still billing me, they said I hadn't cancelled the ForSaleByOwner.Com portion. Hmmm. Somehow they are affiliated. In fact, when I asked how that could happen, I was informed I had cancelled the MLS portion but not the FSBO portion for $86 per month and she could tell me for sure the MLS was cancelled. Go figure. If she COULD TELL ME I'd cancelled the MLS portion for sure, how could she tell me that the ForSaleByOwner.Com, (same computer system) wasn't cancelled? Logic says you'd cancel both, having your paperwork in from of you for both, and do it at the same time. They were scratching each others backs. When I then asked how it was that from the day I did cancel both of them I received not one further inquiry, she said, well, you only cancelled MLS and perhaps that's where ALL your leads were coming from. Hmmm. I had leads that petered out before the MLS listing. What she was implying was that a listing at $86 per month with ForSaleByOwner.Com was useless, had no draw for sellers, provided not any leads until I signed up for THEIR MLS affiliate, which was actually the real draw. So why would someone sign up for at $86 a month if the MLS was the ticket? Sounds like ForSaleByOwner.Com by their own admission is useless and that it takes a Multiple Listing Service contract to attract potential buyers.

They refused to remove the $86.00 per month from my credit card and have an extra $258 in their pockets. Just as surely as they have thousands of FSBO customers, I'm not the only one this has happened to. They'd rather have a person leave with a bad taste in their mouth, never to return again, and have that person tell her story to friends thinking about selling their own home without a realtor, rather than remove the charges from a credit card. That's a company who doesn't value its customers nor their public image, a company who does not care whether a person with multiple homes returns to do business again or not, a company who uses a scorched earth policy, "Once we've been there we will never return so we don't have to TREAT THE CUSTOMER RIGHT
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FramesDirect sells eyeglass frames, eyeglasses, lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Their frames and glasses are all name brands such as Bolle, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Coach, Calvin Klein, Guess, Polo, Ralph Lauren and many others. FramesDirect also sells specialty glasses like computer glasses, reading glasses and safety goggles. Their website has helpful buying guides and tips for buying glasses online.

FramesDirect was founded by optometrists Dr. Dhavid Cooper and Dr. Guy Hodgson in 1996. Dr. Dhavid Cooper and Dr. Guy Hodgson started as partners in a chain of optometric practices in Houston, Texas. When the internet became a platform for e-commerce they wanted to expand and provide people with a wider selection of frames at better prices than a regular brick and mortar retail store could. They are located in Houston, Texas and you can contact the company at 1-800-248-9427 or use their contact form.
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FragranceX is an US-based e-commerce website which sells fragrances for women and men, skincare products and makeup. In addition, testers are also sold. One can find in this e-store perfumes from all the well-known brands and all fragrances are genuine. A key advantage of FragranceX is that international customers can also buy from it.

FragranceX was founded in 2001 in NY, US. Currently, Mr. Ron Yakuel is the president of the company. The exact location of FragranceX's headquarters is 5 Plant Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Given that 11 years have passed since the company was started and it's still in business means that it is trustworthy.
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FranklinCovey USA & FranklinCovey CA
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Mailing Address: 2250 West Parkway Blvd.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
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