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What is it?

A VoIP phone service for small and growing businesses.

How popular is it? is a small business with 50 to 100 employees.

What does it do well? gets you up and running quickly. It’s easy to scale from a single phone line with basic functions to a more advanced system with multiple users. It’s also great for international calling.

What does it not do well?

Customer support as not as strong as Nextiva’s, and the user interface is not as easy as RingCentral’s.

Who does it work well for?

Small businesses and self employed who want a service that can scale with them. You can start with a basic pay-per-minute plan that uses your mobile phone and move onto an unlimited plan with handset for a traditional office setup.

Who does it not work well for?

Larger businesses who want to integrate their VoIP with their CRM or other business software. can link with some CRMs through Callinize (a 3rd party integration service) but this requires an extra charge.

Free calls to US and Canada?

Yes, if you sign up for an unlimited plan. Otherwise it’s 3.9 cents per minute. There’s also free calling to landlines in Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom.

Pay-per-minute plan?

Yes, there’s pay-per-minute and unlimited plans.

Can you use your current phone number(s)?


Does it support toll free?


Free Trial?

Yes, 30 day free trial

Cost Compared to Competitors?


Similar products?

Nextiva, RingCentral

Cloud or Hosted?


Does it require special phones?

Yes. You can use most internet enabled phones from brands such as Aastra, Cisco, Panasonic or Polycom. (Click here for a list of supported devices) You can also use a regular non-digital phone if you pair it with an ATA adapter (you can get 1 free when you sign up.)

Alternatively, you can use the iOS or Android mobile app, or’s desktop phone software and not deal with any hardware setup whatsoever. The mobile apps are free, but the software costs an additional $5/month.
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PCM Affiliate Advantage Network
Working through PCM was a great experience for a first sales job. There was never a slow day and the days run by so quickly since there was always something productive to do. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with all sorts of different clients from small/medium to enterprise businesses. My branch was acquired into PCM so my branch management was by far my favorite. The hardest part of the job was so much constant change. Quotas went up higher than usual towards the end of me working there and it was a hard transition for my company to keep up with our constant business with so much change from a customer standpoint as well.
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PoshTots is an online store and a catalog company that offers an amazing selection of baby and children's furnishings, clothes and gear. PoshTots has a gift registry for expecting parents.

PoshTots was founded in 2000 and was incorporated in 2009. PoshTots' parent company is Poshbrands, LLC and it is run by the CEO, Ms. Andrea Edmunds. PoshTots offers paper catalogs upon request plus has an excellent online store.

Some customer reviews were:

I think ultimately when you shop at this site, you should expect top-notch everything. I mean, if you sell a $45k need to back it up with top-notch everything. Products, customer service, user experience....soup to nuts.

excellent, thats a dream come true

I placed an order for my baby's bedding. The bedding is pretty unique and beautiful. I was really happy with it overall. However, for some items, it is totally overpriced (e.g. the mobile). Be ready to pay about $1000 bucks for a set but they are great at offering you multiple discounts if they have them available which is great. I had a pretty good savings. I was really disappointed with the quality of the mobile contraption itself, it was plastic and SO NOT WORTH the $200 price tag. Pottery Barn kids has way better quality mobiles than this. Regardless, their customer service so far has been great, very responsive and as mentioned, the room will look absolutely beautiful with any of their products.
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Perfume Emporium
Contact with skin care and discount has not been a big problem now. All you are required to visit the listed websites of in order to explore phone number 877-782-6580 reviews. You can not only have all the contact details regarding
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I was in the market for new golf clubs and did a lot of research before deciding I wanted to buy the Calaway X-16 clubs. I priced these clubs around the internet and found them for as much as $1100! Used a set went for about $500. I then learned about Pine Meadow Golf. At first I was hesitant about purchasing knock off clubs and especially online from a vendor I had never heard of, but I did research and found good comments about them on websites such as this.

I am very pleased I made the descision. First off, I was able to order "custom" clubs -- I am tall and like my shafts to be 1" longer than normal. And the clubs are of course new and I could get all the options I wanted (as opposed to used clubs) and the cost was only around $300 for a set of irons, 3-9 plus SW & PW.

Placing the order was simple and straight forward and I received an e-mail confirmation for my order. The next day I received a personal e-mail regarding the club head covers I had ordered.

My order arrived promptly, was packaged in sturdy containers with appropriate packaging to protect the clubs.

I opened all the clubs and immediately went outside to swing them and see how they felt. They were great! They had a very nice feel to them, and are well put together.

I finally got a chance to hit balls with them a few days later at a local driving range and LOVED my clubs. The following weekend my friend -- who owns actual Callaway X-16's was around and we played 18 holes. He remarked and how nice my clubs felt and hit a few balls with mine. There was no noticable difference between his clubs and mine.

I would strongly recommend to anyone in the market for golf clubs that you research Pine Meadow and purchase clubs from them. For the price there is not better deal to be found!
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Panda Security
Panda Security est un des leaders mondiaux en produits de sécurité informatique. Il fournit des solutions antivirus puissantes pour protéger les appareils Windows, Android et Mac. La technologie de Panda Security est spécialement conçue pour protéger notamment les activités Internet des clients (achats et jeux en ligne, contrôles parentaux, transactions bancaires en ligne, etc.), ainsi que pour sécuriser les réseaux Wi-Fi contre les attaques extérieures.
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Parts Express
Parts Express sells all types of parts for audio and electronics. They sell many name brand audio and electronic parts including Ampehnol, American DJ, Caig Laboratories, Marantz, RCA, Ruby Tubes, Sherwood, Stahl tools and many more. You can search for audio and electronics by brands, new products, clearance, sales and offers and their categories.

Home A/V

Speaker Components

Pro Audio

Car Audio

Connectors and Adaptors

Wires and Cables

Electronic Parts

Batteryand Power

Tools and Supplies


Parts Express also has a blown speaker repair service

Parts Express was founded in 1986 by Jeffery Stahl, who is the current president and CEO of the company. They sell audio and electronics parts to both professionals and audio enthusiasts at discounted prices from their 120,000 square foot warehouse located in Springboro, Ohio. Parts Express also sells to schools, government and wholesale. You can call Parts Express at 1-800-338-0531.
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