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SOS Online Backup
SOS Online Backup is one of the most established brands when it comes to backing up your files online. Founded back in 2001 they definitely know their craft and had a lot of time perfecting it. While earlier versions of SOS Online Backup looked and felt very clunky and old fashion they are now doing a better job design wise.

Also, SOS Online Backup already has won several awards (PCMAG being one of them) and that is mainly due to their reliability and relative ease of use.

Backup Speed & Performance

For many people backup speed is one of the top buying factors for an online backup service. In order to help you make your best decision possible, we provide you with an extensive speed test of the online backup services. Every time we test a service we use our test folder of 10 GB in size that consists of movies, photos, documents and other files. We try to resemble a typical backup scenario that a user, like you, might face.

We always test the backup services on our Macbook Pro and use a network monitor software called Little Snitch. This allows us to monitor the network traffic that goes in and out and thus let us measure the overall throughput.

How speedy is SOS online backup?

SOS Online Backup completed our backup test with good speed. 10 GB were uploaded within eight hours after starting the backup. We do count the time from when the backup processes started and not when the files start transmitting to the company’s servers. So now you know how long it takes for 10 GB and you can calculate how long it would take you for 10 GB increments, say, 100GB.

Initial backup takes time so you have to be patient. SOS Online Backup is not the fastest online backup service tested

SOS Online Backup uses 11 data centers which encrypt your data with military grade encryption. The amount of data centers or storage devices is hard to verify, but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt here.

As you can see in the upload pattern above files are being uploaded in chunks peaking at around 800kB/s.

When testing the backup speed we only want to upload our test folder and nothing else. That way we can ensure a similar test environment for every online backup service that we test here. Therefore, we manually select our test folder from within the settings panel. Almost every online backup service will allow you to do that.

Folder differences

What struck us a little at the beginning was that SOS online backup showed only a little under 9 GB of files in our folder while the Macintosh Finder shows almost 10 GB. The reason of that difference is that SOS Online Backup does not back up any file that is in the folder. At least not automatically. If you go to the settings menu you can see the file extensions that SOS Online Backup will take into account when scanning the directory.

Be sure to have any files included that you want to backup and also check the option to have files uploaded that do not possess a file extension. We think that SOS Online Backup should have gone another route here: rather backup everything and have people exclude file extension they don’t want instead of not backing up files that might potentially be important.

Comparing the folders in the Terminal

If you’re working on Mac OS X then you are certainly familiar with the Terminal. As the Macintosh is based on a UNIX system you can use UNIX commands to navigate through folders. Since we wanted to explore the differences that happened in the original folder and the backup folder by SOS online backup we tried the diff command.

cd /Users/username/Downloads/

diff rq folder1 folder2

One problem that seemed to occur were special characters that have been backed up but looked a little messy in the file hierarchy, like German letters ä/ö/ü or ß. Also, SOS Online Backup zips (compresses) the files before uploading them to their servers.

We think that SOS Online Backup should explain why they detect a lesser amount of files than our system tells us in an info box, for example. Especially for beginning users that start with their backup this might be confusing.SOS online backup is packed with features. Mentioning them all here would be impossible. Instead, we only pick the features we think are most relevant to people and briefly present them here. If you’re interested in a full overview of all the features that SOS online backup offers, you might want to check out our comparison chart that allows you to compare up to five services side by side.

Backup of up to five computers (Cloud 5 Plan)

Yes, SOS online backup is more expensive than Backblaze or Carbonite. However, when you look at the exact details of the plans you’ll notice that you can backup up to five computers with one account. Backblaze or other services that offer unlimited online backup only allow one connected computer. If you want to backup more computers with those services you need to purchase additional seats.

If you want to make full potential of SOS online backup, you’d have to backup five computers. Because if you do the math if you purchase five seats with Backblaze, for example, you’d end up with $25 per month whereas SOS online backup only costs $12.50 per month for 150 GB.

Unlimited file versioning

In other articles here at we have already pointed out how important file versioning is. That’s why SOS online backups Unlimited file versioning feature comes in very handy. No matter how often you save the file, you can always revert back to a previous version.

Social media backup

Facebook now has over 1 billion users. Almost daily you’ll get messages of accounts being hacked but many people ignore the fact that it could be their own account that is being compromised. Unfortunately, most people react when it is already too late. If you have an SOS online backup account you can get all of your social media files that are stored in Facebook backup.

Mobile access to your files

Nowadays, everything has to be mobile. Our cell phones give us company during the whole day, it only takes us a swipe of the finger to access our photos, social media accounts and other services we rely on. That’s why we think SOS online backup made a great effort in providing a mobile app for iOS and android.

With the mobile app, you can access your files from everywhere. Your files are organized the same way they have been backed up. When you start the iOS app you can either browse your files by document type, for example, documents, videos or pictures.
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Social Engine allows creating your own social network through its easy-to-use interface that somewhat looks similar to Pintrest. The tool comes with all features to put members at a central place and implement several community features such as link shares and games.

This next generation of social media software acts as a reliable base that you can customize with several plugins. Driven by PHP Zend Framework, the software relies on the latest technology that supports cache management, protected hosting (antispam, hidden SQL injection), smart URLs, and database abstraction. Unlike other similar tools, this one allows hosting the social network on your own hosting account, which means full control over your network including code.


There are two plans to choose: PHP and Cloud. The former is the self-hosted PHP version accessible by paying a one-time fee although a bit hefty. Here, you need to download the core source files and extra add-on plug-ins and install them on your hosting solution. This is ideal for those who need total control over their new network, including the control over changing the source files.

In case of Cloud version, all necessary files get instantly installed on the Amazon cloud servers and are controlled by the Social Engine’s professional experts. This ensures that your hosting is set precisely and safely. Choosing this version gives you the benefits of incredible reliability, peace of mind, and great speed due to technical and maintenance accuracy.

User Interface

The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, as it is a drag-n-drop editor offering a number of beneficial features accessible instantly. Regardless of the plan you choose, a web layout is ready to implement and fill with a variety of features and plugins. If you know HTML or CSS, you have full freedom to change the existing simple but attractive design.

The interface also has an advanced set up for notifications, poll, and share buttons along with the famous profile essentials seen in any social media network. Although a little bit of tweaking can render a custom look, most settings can be toggled, making administering easy.

Unencrypted Plug-ins and Source Code

In case of PHP version, the source code is non encrypted source due to which you can change the way the software works. While the basic programming skills can give you amazing results, the naïve user can achieve the same level of customization by implementing tons of plugins such as video sharing, music sharing, photo albums, events, blogs, chat, forums, groups, mobile, calendar, and classifieds. While many of these plugins are chargeable, the community plugins are free.

No Branding

SocialEngine allows an option called ‘no branding’ while you buy license, which means no linking back to SocialEngine in any way. This means that no one can find out that you are using Social Engine to design and maintain your social network. There is no copyright text or any kind of advertizing from Social Engine in the footer.


The software comes with some most useful security features to protect the forums and other plugins from external threats. These features allow banning, blacklisting, and blocking bad words or unauthorized users easily, if necessary. There are also various features to control automated bots or even manual spammers.

Product Features

The Social Engine software can be used to create a complete and powerful social network for many purposes. The members of a social network built using Social Engine can create their profiles, upload avatars, choose profile type and select various privacy options. The Administrator of network can also create various levels of membership.

Private Messages

The private messaging option allows users to message each other directly just like leading social networks like Facebook or Google Plus does. The messages sent to each other can be thread like discussions. Users can also get private message notifications or even alert by email. There is also an option to send message to multiple users at once.

Activity Feeds

Activity feeds bring life to a social network. Without activity feeds, many find social network boring or not happening. Social Engine’s software comes with activity feed where members can see feed of other members they are following or are in the friend list. The feed is similar as the ones on networks like Facebook and Google Plus with inline posts, videos or photos. Users also have an option to filter this feed or set various publishing privacy options.

Content Management

The Content management feature allows users to create their own blog or website and even select various themes for that website. This feature in Social Engine comes with drag-n-drop designer, theme editor, file manager, media management, and many other features.

There are dozens of other features in Social Engine, which you may not even see in traditional social networks. Some of these features include membership billing, payment gateway integration, network management, and structure related features.


Social Engine is definitely a useful tool for those who are searching hard for a feature-rich, reliable, and customer-oriented social network software. The tool can be your ideal choice in case you lack programming skills. However, if you are on a strict budget, you might look for some free options.
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ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution for eCommerce retailers. Designed to streamline the fulfillment process, this software offers a huge number of integrations that allow you to synchronize your business with the most popular sales channels, shopping carts, payment gateways, and mail carriers.

The company was founded in 2011 by Jason Hodges and Byron Wier. Based out of Austin, TX, ShipStation boasts 40+ employees and a reputation as a leading company in its field.

Over the course of this review I’ll be highlighting the major features this application has to offer. I’ll also take a look at the community response and volunteer my own thoughts on the user experience. Let’s get into it.
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“Overall, I am very pleased with the process. There was one problem which I contacted customer service about and they immediately responded and we are in the process of working through the issue. That means a lot to me and I even have name of someone versus just "customer service".

Based on what I have experienced, I would order from Serenity Health & Home Decor again!”
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Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats
SeaEagle is a company that builds inflatable boats and kayaks. This company specializes in kayaks, custom built watercraft and boats designed to ferry passengers to yachts and other types of watercraft. The company allows customers a free 180-day trial and does not charge for shipping to the 48 continuous United States.

The boat facility also makes sail boats and frameless pontoon style crafts. Customers can also buy accessories for their water craft through the company. The company produces a yearly catalog and will mail a copy to those who request it along with a sample of the hull of their choice. A number of SeaEagle's watercrafts also make great fishing boats.

SeaEagle was founed in 1968 in New York where the company began by making kayaks. Today the company and its showroom is located in Port Jefferson, New York and sells models of its watercraft all over the world. All of its watercraft are inflatable, making these crafts highly portable and also inexpensive to purchase. Most major outdoor stores carry the SeaEagle brand as part of their inventory.

Most users are quite happy with their purchase. The company has several types of inflatable boats so it is important to look at what you plan to use the boat for before purchasing. These reviews come from Amazon and Bass Pro Shops.

Its perfect for those extempore solo fishing trips. Get out on the water quick and easy without the hassles of using a roof rack or trailer. I get compliments from other folks all the time on it.... they're usually taking just as long to set up as I do inflating my boat while they muscle their hardshell stuff around.

Both units had imbalances and the tracking pulls off to one side. This makes for an unpleasant paddling experience as you have to continually overcompensate on one side.

I bought two of these to have in my travel trailer for family outings and maybe do some fishing in small ponds every once in awhile. These things are great for what you pay for them, very well built. These are not inflatable pool toys! The deluxe kit comes with everything you need including the pump and padles and a carrying case that actualy holds everything that comes with the kit plus two full sized life jackets I keep with them.

This was a birthday present for my husband. He loves it!!!!!It came very well packaged with all the instructions, light weight and very fast. Very happy with my purchase.

I cannot say enough good things about this kayak. I have owned mine since 2000 when I purchased it while living in Atlanta, GA. Inflation is simple, the bag properly stores everything you need, and the fit and finish of the boat are superb. In its time I have taken my Sea Eagle on calm lakes and rivers in the south numerous times without incident, but I have also tested it a fair amount. We have run it on Section III of the Chattooga in SC including Bull Sluice and also on the Nantahala including the Falls.
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Shindigz sells a huge variety of party supplies for almost every occasion. Shindigz sells party supplies for baby showers, Birthday parties, Mardi Gras, Hollywood parties, football parties and many more. Shindigz carries over 34,000 different party supplies ranging from balloons, tableware, banners, cake supplies, event decorations and everything else needed to hold the best party in town. Shindigz also sells personalized party supplies.

Shindigz sells:

Background Materials



Cake Supplies and Candles

Event and Float Decorations

Personalized Decorations

Party supplies and games


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